Truefitt & Hill

T&H Trafalgar Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar Shaving Cream

Another product with a legendary name, both brand and product.

Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shave Cream

Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shaving Cream

The shaving cream of T&H’s signature range, named for the year they were founded.

Truefitt & Hill 1805 aftershave balm

Truefitt & Hill 1805 Aftershave Balm

The first of many reviews from my T&H sample set.

Truefitt & Hill No. 10 Shave Cream

Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10 Finest Shave Cream

One of the oldest British brands (established in 1805), but this is one of their lower-end products, actually made by Creightons (The Real Shaving Co.).