Zirh Shave Cream

Zirh Aloe Vera Shave Cream

I’ve been looking for a brushless cream for those days when I want a quicker shave. At the moment I use an electric razor for those, but I thought not having to build a lather or wash up a brush afterwards would mean I could save time, so still wet shave.

Starting with the positives, this cream does work, I was able to shave with it. It also has a nice cooling sensation.

It’s very thick with the smell and consistency of something you would apply to a baby’s bum for nappy rash. That means it clogs your razor and it’s a constant battle to clean it. The cream doesn’t appear to be water soluble either, adding to the challenge. That also means you’re left with clumps of it in the sink when you’re done.

I did a side-by-side test at one point; half my face shaved with cream, the other with my electric razor. The electric finish was at least as good and took considerably less time. Post shave feel was better with the cream.

As you’re simply smearing this on, I found myself skipping touch-ups, although I could simply have applied more cream. This probably accounts for some of the poor performance.


Will it work as a shave cream? Yes. Should you use it? No. For those who use a brush, practically every cream out there is better, in terms of use if not performance. For those who are looking for something brushless there are cheaper alternatives that at least won’t clog your razor.