444 Aftershave Gel

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444 Aftershave Gel

This is a product from an old Portuguese company that consists of little more than glycerine and menthol.

I bought this as I was looking for a cooling post shave balm for the summer months, or those times when I pick up a bit of razor burn.

Unlike the Gillette balm I tried, which relies on evaporating alcohol to do the cooling, this uses menthol. You do get a really good cooling blast from it too, and without the burn of the alcohol.

It’s a bit of an unusual product, in that it’s clear and definitely a gel. It has the same look and consistency as Bonjela.

I’m not convinced of its moisturising properties. Applying it is fine, but it leaves my skin feeling a little tacky, even after a long period to be absorbed. It takes away from the smoothness of a close shave.


If you’re after something to cool your face after a shave, then this is for you as it gives a great kick. If you want something that provides the cooling with moisturisation and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, look elsewhere.

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Last updated: December 6, 2014