Alphy & Becs Egyptian Prince Aftershave Balm

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Alphy & Becs Egyptian Prince Aftershave Balm

An aftershave balm based on an original Eqyptian fragrance.

The name is exotic and so is the scent. It’s definitely something of a plus point in that it smells like nothing else I have. Very floral, but with spicy tones. If you like it the good news is the fragrance has legs and it lasts well.

It’s a thick balm, thankfully supplied in a nice pump container. I found I needed to leave my face quite damp to help me spread it successfully due to the consistency. It also felt tacky for a while after applying.


While I enjoyed the scent, I found it hard to apply (due to the thickness). That would have been a minor point except I didn’t find it helped with razor burn or leave my face as soft as some others.

It’s good value for the amount and packaging (few balms come with a pump), but others do the job better for less money in my opinion.

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Last updated: January 23, 2016