Arko Men Extra Sensitive After Shave Balm

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Arko Extra Sensitive After Shave Balm

Another shaving product from this Turkish brand.

This was the first product I bought after I finished my bottle of Nivea balm. Partly because I knew the brand, partly because it was cheap.

Some after shave balms cost a fortune, and by that I mean £30+ for 100ml bottle. Are they really that much better? I don’t think so. I found the Nivea a great buy at £3, and the Arko is just as good at even less.

It has a fairly neutral, almost chalky scent. It’s strong enough to linger and certainly isn’t unpleasant. I quite like it.

The balm itself is thicker than both the Nivea and Gillette ones I’ve tried, closer to a lotion, like the Truefitt & Hill ones. The Extra Sensitive version is alcohol free, and seems to be paraben free too.

It works well, without leaving a tacky residue, being absorbed quickly. Not sure how soothing it was, but it’s no worse than any of the other balms I’ve tried, and the lack of alcohol means you don’t get any burn.

Granted, the packing isn’t as classy as the Nivea bottle, but it’s a solid plastic container and provides 50% more balm for less money, so you can’t really complain.

I was impressed with this product and would have no problem recommending it to anyone looking for a reasonably priced balm.

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Last updated: October 11, 2014