Arko Shave Cream (Moist)

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Arko Shave Cream

Best known for their shave stick, Arko produce a whole range of shaving products, including various shave creams.

Used with: Derby blade (2nd shave)

I went for the Moist version purely because the Regular was nearly twice the price where I could find it. Despite my problems with the Derby blade in a previous shave (with a different cream), this was definitely smoother, although not on a par with some of my other shaves. It was very easy to get a good lather. Again, it didn’t leave that slick feeling behind. The benefit is, it doesn’t smell as bad as the stick, just some general soapy chemical smell, which wasn’t too bad.

Used with: Shark Super Stainless

A good lather again, but it still seemed to lack the slickness of some I’ve tried. I ended up with some fairly smooth areas though. Paired with the right blade it should be adequate.

Used with: Personna Super ‘Lab Blue’ (2nd shave)

I face lathered and found this one of the few times I had to add some additional product for the second shave. It didn’t provide an explosion of lather and I didn’t feel I hit the right consistency. There was a lack of slickness between applications, not up to some of the others, but it wasn’t too bad after the second pass. I definitely felt a bit of a cooling effect this time, and the smell is subtle, but actually quite pleasant. The end result, after some touch-ups, was very smooth, with a few patches on my neck and jaw.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (2nd shave)

I face lathered, using plenty of product up front, so I had a reasonable amount of lather (seemed a struggle to cover my face for the second pass though). It left a nice amount of slickness after each pass, but I didn’t notice any particular cooling effect. The blade tugged a fair bit, right from the start, with some strokes causing a wince or two. The end result wasn’t close ATG, with my neck especially rough.

Used with: Sputnik (2nd shave)

Face lathering, I again struggled to get enough lather to cover my face for two passes, despite using plenty of product. There was more slickness after the first pass than the second, possibly because I had a denser covering. I definitely felt a cooling effect more this time. The shave was smooth, with only a couple of small nicks (that sealed themselves before I finished) and some irritation on my top lip. ATG wasn’t as close as with some blades, but overall a nice finish.

Used with: Feather (4th shave)

I thought I was going to struggle with quantity on my second pass, but actually I got a decent coating with plenty left over. Decent slickness left behind by each, though not as much as with some products. Again, there seemed to be a mild cooling effect. The shave was good, considering how many shaves the blade had already done, but it did scrape a bit. I picked up a couple of nicks. The end result was a bit patchy, with some areas very smooth, and others less so. A passable shave.

Used with: Astra Superior Platinum (3rd shave)

Face lathering, again I wasn’t sure I’d have enough for a second pass, but I did. Reasonable slickness after the first pass, better by the second. The blade tugged and scraped on this shave (possibly due to age), making for a fairly rough shave. I picked up a few nicks and some mild irritation, but nothing too serious. The end result was good, though perhaps not quite as smooth as on previous uses.


A solid, if not stunning, performer. It seems to need a bit more product than with some, but does the job when you get enough on there.

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Last updated: July 13, 2014