Arran Aromatics Bay Citrus Shaving Cream

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Arran Aromatics Bay Citrus Shave Cream

I picked this up having tried the aftershave balm in the same scent.

Used with: Gillette Nacet Stainless (4th shave)

A quick dip of my badger brush was enough for plenty of lather. It was easy to build although I needed to add a little water. The blade tugged like mad (it had on every shave I used it for) but slickness was very good and I didn’t pick up any nicks, just some irritation on my top lip. My neck did have a few patches, but was generally pretty good. Almost everything above my jaw was BBS or very close to it. I bought this because of the scent and I like it. Strong but not overpowering, with a thick, heady fragrance. Not much left after the shave though. A great shave nonetheless.

Used with: Lord Super Stainless (3rd shave)

I used my boar brush this time, but it was still very easy to build plenty of lather. It took some water and a bit of effort, but not too much. Another blade that tugged on the first pass. Slickness was high once again and I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck wasn’t perfect, but was better than most shaves and even my jawline wasn’t bad. I didn’t quite get all the hard to reach places above my jaw, but most of them. The finish wasn’t quite BBS, although close, with nice post shave feel. I didn’t register the fragrance much during the shave, it was very subtle, but nice nonetheless.

Used with: Personna Med Prep (2nd shave)

I scooped a finger’s worth of cream out and into a bowl then loaded using my badger brush and started my lather, before building it again on my face. Once again, no problem producing a good lather with fantastic slickness. It wasn’t enough to save me picking up a lot of nicks though. My neck wasn’t perfect but it was better than any of my recent shaves. My jawline wasn’t too bad either. Above that was smooth and soft. A few areas made it to BBS, but most didn’t quite. Post shave feel was good. I definitely got a whiff of it this time, though it was quite subtle. It’s more of an undertone than a fragrance that stands out. Good shave.

Used with: Bolzano Superinox (1st shave)

I again scooped some out, but this time applied it to the brush before face lathering as normal, this time using my boar brush. It exploded into lather as before. Slickness wasn’t as good as previously on the first pass, which tugged, but was back to excellent for the subsequent ones. My neck wasn’t perfect, but was a better finish than normal. My jawline was a little rough and I had a random patch on my chin. Other than that it was smooth. Didn’t quite make BBS on my cheeks but my top lip and some parts of my chin did. Post shave feel wasn’t bad. The scent was there again, subtle as before. It’s there if you want to drink it in, but not in your face. A little before a good shave.

Used with: Astra Superior Platinum (3rd shave)

The amount I could gather onto my little finger was enough for my badger brush to work into lather for two passes and my intense touch-up routine. Slickness was very good, but it didn’t prevent me picking up a few nicks. They sealed themselves. My neck was a little rough and I had patches on my jawline. Above that, nowhere quite made BBS, but it was generally smooth, though I did miss a few spots. Post shave feel was good. I got a nice blast of the fragrance during the shave. An above average shave.


While I bought this because of the fragrance, the performance turned out to be very good too. It look very to the St James cream, and performed similarly. Lather and slickness never proved to be a problem. I deducted a point for the price, but added it back for the scent. While it comes in a jar, this one is plastic, with a plastic lid, while the St James cream is in a glass jar with metal lid. It doesn’t reduce the performance but it’s not quite as classy. Another excellent cream though.

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Last updated: July 17, 2015