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A cream from a less common shave producer: Belgium.

Used with: Personna Platinum (4th shave)

I scooped a bit of cream out of the pot, then decided to add a little more, spreading some of it over my bristles and some onto my badger brush. I then worked it up and was able to get a good coating with the addition of some water. The second coat was a little thinner, but adequate, and I had enough for touch-ups no problem. Slickness didn’t impress but any nicks I picked up were sealed before I finished shaving. Aside from the usual trouble-spots my neck was good. Nice and smooth WTG on my face. ATG there was a little resistance, no out and out roughness but close in places. Post shave feel was okay, but quite dry. I got a whiff of the fragrance at the start and early in the shave before it faded. A nice scent, floral and woody. A good shave, not quite a very good one.

Used with: Gillette Super Thin Platinum (3rd shave)

I didn’t use a lot of cream this time, but was able to get a good lather for my first pass. The second coating was thin so I added a bit more cream and worked it up again, which gave me plenty. I opted for my boar brush for this shave. Slickness was pretty good and I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck was very good, aside from my two trouble-spots. Nice and smooth WTG on my face too. There was some resistance ATG, bordering on roughness, and nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was nice and soft. The fragrance is subtle but you can certainly detect the slight floral notes. Another good shave.

Used with: Racer Super Stainless (2nd shave)

I used a bit more cream this time, smearing it into my bristles before working it with my synthetic brush. Producing lather was no problem with the addition of a little water. Slickness was good too and the only nick I could find was tiny and right at the base of my neck. The rest of my neck was very smooth, though I did have some roughness along my jawline. WTG my face was fine, but wasn’t entirely smooth. There was certainly some resistance ATG but no actual roughness. Nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was soft but very dry. I got a strong whiff of the fragrance at the start, but don’t recall it after that. I wasn’t looking for it though. A good shave.

Used with: Gillette Super Thin Platinum (1st shave)

I didn’t use a lot of cream but was easily able to work up plenty of lather with my synthetic brush and a bit of water. Slickness felt pretty average. I didn’t pick up any nicks but I did have some mild irritation on my top lip. My neck wasn’t bad but didn’t feel particularly close either. WTG my face generally felt fine. ATG there was plenty of resistance, even roughness in a couple of places. Needless to say, nowhere got close to BBS. Post shave feel was very dry. I don’t recall the fragrance except briefly at the start, but I wasn’t looking for it. An average shave.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (1st shave)

I emptied the sample pot, which gave me a decent amount of cream and I was able to build plenty of lather. Slickness felt good but didn’t prevent me picking up a few nicks. Most were sealed by cold water but the odd one persisted beyond. My neck was very close with some limited roughness in my trouble spots — I also had some irritation. It was nice and smooth WTG on my face. ATG wasn’t bad but I had a bit of resistance. Nowhere quite made it to BBS. Post shave feel was soft but a little dry. I got a blast of the fragrance at the start but not much after that. A very good shave.


This cream comes from Belgium and is designed to help men with sensitive skin by combating razor burn and irritation.

This proved to be a pleasant product to use. As long as I had sufficient cream, it was easy to lather, but it did seem to require more than some others.

Slickness and protection were generally good too, with few nicks encountered. That’s not to say it was perfect.

I rarely got a great finish, but the results were usually pretty good. This, along with the lack of nicks, may be down to it being used with some fairly tame blades.

Fragrance-wise, I was able to pick up the pleasant notes but it didn’t tend to linger throughout the shave. It’s not bad when you can pick it up.

It’s not the cheapest cream but it’s far from the most expensive.

For me, it didn’t quite make it into the top tier. It’s a solid product but didn’t quite seem to shine.

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Last updated: January 5, 2018