Boots Freshwood Brushless Shave Cream

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Boots Freshwood Brushless Shave Cream

Another from the British chemist, and another in my brushless quest.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (4th shave)

It says to apply a layer but not massage in, so I applied and simply smoothed over my face. It’s a very runny cream, almost liquid. Even using two applications I was left with a barely visible coating. Slickness was good, especially when I applied some water on subsequent passes. My neck ended up pretty smooth, although the usual trouble spots were rough. WTG was pretty good on my face but there was some roughness on my chin. There was minimal resistance ATG but I had some rougher patches, not many though. Post shave feel was average and quite dry. The fragrance was strong although it diminished as the shave went on. It’s a pleasant scent, quite cologne-like. A good shave.

Used with: Personna Med Prep (3rd shave)

I applied a couple of squirts (it’s very liquid) and spread over my face, trying not to work it too much. It left a visible coating that made it easy to shave. It clogged my blade and towards the end of the first pass it proved hard to shift. Not sure about the first pass, but slickness on the subsequent passes after applying water was excellent. I did pick up a couple of tiny nicks, but these were sealed by the time I applied cold water. My neck was okay, not especially close anywhere and roughness in the usual trouble spots. My face wasn’t perfectly smooth WTG but was pretty good. There were some significant areas of resistance ATG, which I’d go so far as to call roughness. Post shave feel was decidedly average. The fragrance was strong once again, at least initially. Not sure how to describe it. An average shave.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (1st shave)

I used less cream this time, only one application. After I had spread it around it was hard to make it out, so shaving was a little potluck. I also went easy as I’d had a fairly traumatic shave prior to it (not with this product). Slickness was okay on the first pass but definitely diminished compared to the previous ones where I used more cream, even when I applied water. That said, I didn’t pick up any nicks. Nowhere on my neck was particularly close, though the only real roughness was reserved for my jawline. Even WTG my face wasn’t very smooth. There was plenty of resistance ATG and a few areas of roughness. Post shave feel was average, not especially soft or moisturised. I don’t remember the fragrance this time, though I was concentrating more on the shave so could have missed it. A passable shave.

Used with: Gillette Silver Blue (2nd shave)

I went the other way this time, making a couple of applications that left me with a semi-opaque layer on the first pass. While that made it easier to shave, it also clogged my razor more effectively, so there’s a balance to be found. Slickness was pretty good, certainly when I applied some water, though it faded as I went on. I didn’t pick up any nicks though. I had a fair amount of stubble yet this combination sliced through it without issue, leaving my neck pretty close and the only roughness along my jawline. WTG my face didn’t feel as smooth as with some, but there were no real problems. Similar story ATG except with a bit more resistance. I did have a couple of rough patches though. Nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was decidedly average; not very soft and a bit dry. I got a good whiff of the fragrance at the start and it stayed with me throughout. Freshwood is a good description as it is woody but with a nice, energetic freshness too. A pretty good shave.

Used with: Personna Platinum (2nd shave)

I used a couple of applications again, giving myself a good coating. That meant clogging was an issue, but it wasn’t too bad. Sickness was very good, especially when applying water for subsequent passes. I picked up a couple of nicks, both on my jawline, only one of which survived past cold water. My neck was okay. In places it was good, but was studded with rougher areas. WTG my face was fine, though not entirely smooth. Similar ATG, with some areas smooth but patches of resistance and roughness. Obviously nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was average, not especially soft and quite dry. The fragrance hit me at the start, but I don’t recall it after that. A pretty good shave.


Boots offer a range of Freshwood products, including aftershave and balm. This was my first experience with any of them and from a fragrance perspective I was pretty impressed. It’s got a nice, quite potent woodsy scent that was fairly masculine without being overpowering. The cream has a good dose of it too.

It would be fair to say that this generally did the job, and was better than an electric shave, but that it didn’t compare to a shave using a brush. This seems to be common to most brushless creams. It compares favourably to the others I have tried though.

Although it tended to clog my razor if I used too much, it offered good slickness and protection. A bit of water was all that was needed to allow multiple passes. Post shave feel was a bit of a let down though, so best to pair with a nice balm.

At £1.99 it offers good value, but as you need to use considerably more than with some other products it may not offer as much value as a straight price comparison would suggest.

Although I never got a great shave, I was pretty pleased with this. It allowed me to get a passable shave while saving me a bit of time and and hassle (although probably not that much overall). So if you’re looking for something to keep in the cabinet for when you just need a quick polish this could be it.

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Last updated: February 23, 2017