Bulldog Original Moisturiser

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Bulldog Original Moisturiser

One of the popular UK-produced range.

This is part of a selection available in a lot of supermarkets (in the UK), so is pretty easy to get hold of. It’s also pretty reasonably priced as well. Mine was a present and came in a pack with a face wash.

The packaging’s not bad — nice design although it is just a plastic tube — but shares the same issue as the Dove post-shave balm: the nozzle is on the bottom. Useful for letting gravity keep it ready to go, but it means you can’t see what you’ve dispensed.

The problem isn’t as bad in this case as the dispensing area is larger and the consistency of the cream means you can angle the tube without fear of it pouring out.

It’s quite a firm cream, retaining its shape once squeezed out of the tube to form a little sausage on your palm. That also means it takes some effort to smooth over your face and get reasonable coverage. I found applying after wetting my face worked best.

It didn’t help with irritation particularly (nor does it claim to) but wasn’t different to most other balms in this regard.

They say the blend of eight essential oils provides the ‘light, fresh masculine scent.’ It’s certainly a pleasant combination that I enjoyed. It smells a bit like lemonade to me.

It left my skin feeling pretty soft, but it was still quite dry.

The packaging states “with natural ingredients” — which suggested to me that it was all-natural, but it clearly isn’t and their website also says “we harness [natural products] in conjunction with carefully selected man-made ingredients.” So I’d say this statement, while accurate, is a little misleading.


Possibly not fair to compare this with specialist post-shave balm products, as this is designed as a more general moisturiser, but I will anyway.

In terms of raw performance, it was pretty reasonable, not the best product I’ve used but more than up to the job. I liked the fragrance, but it didn’t seem to spread as easily as some creams and didn’t hydrate as well as the best.

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Last updated: June 24, 2017