Carsons Apothecary Exotic Oud Shaving Cream

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Carsons Apothecary Exotic Oud Shave Cream

Described as the result of a collaboration by a leading Persian barber and one of Europe’s leading cosmetic chemists.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (1st shave)

I scooped out a small amount of somewhat runny cream and used my badger brush to work it up. I had to add a little water and ran out during touch-ups. That said it was easy to work up and it offered good slickness. I only picked up a solitary nick. My neck was nice and close, the only roughness along my jawline. WTG my face was good. ATG was good too, with only a couple of rough spots. Nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was okay, not particularly soft and a bit dry. The fragrance was strong to start with and although it tapered off during the shave I could pick it up throughout. It’s described as ‘Arabian Oud layered with citrus tones’ which my nose interpreted as fruity. A good shave.

Used with: Gillette Silver Blue (2nd shave)

I scooped out a larger amount of cream this time and used my boar brush to work it. I added a little water but went back to the pot to get more for my second pass and still didn’t have much for touch-ups. The quality of the lather wasn’t great either. Slickness was non-existent, coming across as a sticky residue instead. That said, I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck was pretty good, smoother than usual and the only roughness was along my jawline. It wasn’t entirely smooth WTG, with some coarseness on my chin, but the rest of my face was fine. ATG was okay, plenty of resistance but no real roughness. Post shave feel was average. I got a good hit of the fragrance at the start and the occasional whiff during the shave but I can’t say it stood out. Again, quite fruity. Pleasant enough. A pretty good shave.

Used with: Personna Platinum (3rd shave)

I applied some cream to my face before building with my badger brush. I don’t think I used any more than previously but it produced plenty of quality lather, more than enough for touch-ups too. Slickness was good and I didn’t pick up any nicks, though my neck was a little raw right after. My neck was excellent, with only a hint of roughness, mainly along my jawline, to disturb it. Nice and smooth WTG on my face. ATG was very good too, with only a small bit of roughness at the corner of my mouth. A couple of spots made it to BBS and the rest was pretty close. I could still feel a little rawness though. Post shave feel was good. I picked up the fragrance easily at the start but it quickly faded into the background and I don’t remember it much after that. Unusual but nice enough. A great shave.

Used with: Lord Platinum Class (4th shave)

I scooped out some cream and applied to my face, then built the lather with my badger brush. I needed a little water to help reach the right consistency but had plenty for passes and touch-ups. Slickness was pretty good and I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck was a little raw but good except for my jawline. No problems WTG and only a small patch of roughness at the corner of my mouth ATG. Nowhere made it to BBS though. Post shave feel was pretty good but a bit dry. Again, the fragrance was present at the start but disappeared thereafter. A good shave.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (4th shave)

I scooped out a bit more cream than usual, though still not a huge amount, and applied to my face before lathering with a slightly wetter-than-usual badger brush. It quickly built a good coating and the first pass was still thick enough to clog my blade. I had tons for touch-ups. Slickness was very good and I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck was pretty good, I had a some slight roughness in patches and in the usual place along my jawline. No problems WTG. ATG was good too but I had some resistance in places and nowhere got close to BBS. Post shave feel was soft and smooth. I got a good whiff of the fragrance at the start but I don’t remember it during the shave. A good shave.


It has a very gloopy consistency compared to any other cream I have used, runny and almost watery. It’s actually described as a ‘shaving milk’ on their site. I wonder if this affected the first couple of shaves and that, if left so the moisture evaporates and it thickens up, it then starts to perform.

I can’t deny I got some good shaves out of it, with a nice lather and ample slickness (though not the best), but equally I had some disappointing results too. Post shave feel was generally okay rather than brilliant.

The fragrance was a definite plus point, with good strength and a nice, exotic scent that made for a pleasant experience. It’s also very different from any other product I’ve used.

It comes across as another high-priced, style-over-substance brand which I hold to a higher standard, especially with the alleged amount of development work put into this. While a perfectly adequate performer, it wasn’t something that made me want to enthuse about it.

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Last updated: October 30, 2016