Creightons For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

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Creightons For Men Post Shave Balm

The follow-up to the shave cream in the same product line.

1st Use

It’s quite a thick cream, so no issues with it pouring out.

The bottle is pretty basic, plastic with a flip top, but easy enough to get the product out and see what you’re doing in the process.

In the bottle, it’s got a slight, cologne-like scent. When I applied it I got a distinct hit of mint. I also got a slight cooling effect. The ingredients do state it includes menthol, so probably that.

It wasn’t greasy and seemed to be absorbed easily.

2nd Use

I squeezed out a reasonable amount. It’s quite thick so it helps if the skin is a little wet, otherwise you feel like you’re dragging it around.

The fragrance, on application, was overwhelmingly mint again. Once this passes you’re left with something that, on this use, smelt more floral. It’s pleasant enough but not something that you’d replace a cologne with.

I got a very slight cooling sensation this time, more of a tingle than actual cooling to be honest.

Although it didn’t feel greasy after application it does seem to leave a residue you can feel on the skin.

3rd Use

I used a bit less and a little water and it spread perfectly well and quickly disappeared.

Once again, I got the mint scent as I applied it. After that it leaves a similar floral note to the matching shave cream.

I don’t recall any particular cooling effect this time.

No residue this time and it left my face soft but a little dry.

4th Use

It seemed a little more fluid this time, I got the same mint smell and a slight cooling sensation. No residue and post shave feel was pretty good.

5th Use

Again, more fluid when I applied this time. The initial mint fragrance was the overwhelming scent when applied, but it settled down and was replaced with the floral notes over the longer term. There was a very brief cooling sensation but it’s not pronounced. It was absorbed quickly and left no residue this time.


Although it started out as quite thick and stiff, it seemed to become a bit easier to spread on later uses.

The bottle made it easy to dispense, without the worry caused by some other products, where getting the appropriate amount can be hard to judge.

Although it does share the same, unknown, fragrance as the rest of the For Men range, when applied it I initially got a strong mint hit that overpowered anything else.

It was generally absorbed quickly and easily, without leaving a greasy feel behind.

Price-wise, this is on a par with most of the other mass-market balms, like Nivea and L’Oreal. So not as much of a bargain and I’d rank them above this. Even the packaging felt cheap by comparison.

Does it do the job? Yes. Would I recommend it? No.

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Last updated: August 18, 2018