Cyril R. Salter Essential Lime Shaving Cream

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Cyril R Salter Lime Shaving Cream

Another cream that’s made in England, although not as well known as many. The company doesn’t seem to offer up much about itself either.

Used with: Ladas (2nd shave)

I used my badger brush to load, scooping up what had become stuck to the underside of the interior lid (a small plastic disc that sits over the cream). It quickly turned into a nice rich lather, but wasn’t too thick. Slickness felt good, but the blade was rough and towards the end I picked up a lot of nicks. The finish was excellent. A couple of places made it to BBS, but everywhere else was smooth with no odd patches. It’s name would imply a good lime scent, but it was hard to detect in the tub and was almost nonexistant in use. Post shave feel was nice, though not quite up to some other products I’ve tried. A very good shave.

Used with: Shark Super Stainless (1st shave)

Opting for my boar brush this time, I dipped the tips and that was more then enough to produce lather for two passes and my usual in-depth fine tuning. The blade felt sharp, but with good slickness I only picked up a solitary nick. The finish was nice and smooth. It didn’t quite make BBS on my cheeks, but was close, and it made it over the line in a couple of places. I also had a patch in the nooks around my mouth. My neck wasn’t quite so smooth, but was still good. Post shave feel wasn’t bad either. The lime scent is very weak and isn’t like any of the other lime products I have, it’s not unpleasant though. Another great shave.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (3rd shave)

I went back to my badger brush this time. The cream is so firm that it took a bit of work (and the water from the bristles to soften it up), but I loaded a small amount and it produced plenty of lather. The blade dragged and pulled, so it wasn’t the most comfortable shave. Although slickness was good I did pick up a couple of nicks. The finish was top drawer though. There were a few rougher areas on my jawline and neck, but nothing bad. Above that it was smooth. Parts of my cheeks made it to BBS, as did other areas, but not everywhere. Nice and soft post shave feel too. Again, the scent was weak. A great shave.

Used with: Wilkinson Sword Classic (4th shave)

I used my badger brush again. Again it took a little bit of swirling to pick up enough cream, but lather was no problem. Slickness was fine, but I picked up several nicks and some irritation on my top lip. The finish was very good above the jawline. It was practically BBS on my cheeks, and it was in other areas. Post shave feel was very good, leaving my face nice and soft. I don’t remember picking up the scent at all during the shave. A great shave.

Used with: Polsilver Super Iridium (1st shave)

A quick swirl with a shaken out badger brush got me enough cream to produce all the lather I needed. Slickness was good once again (especially as I dipped my tips into the water a couple of times), but it didn’t prevent me picking up a ton of nicks, some were proper weepers. Due to the ever-changing direction of the stubble on my neck, that wasn’t so smooth, but I managed BBS in several places above my jaw. I was left feeling nice and soft too. I did inhale deeply during the shave to try and pick up the scent. There was something, but it was very subtle. A good shave, but it cost me some blood.


Generally a very good experience, with the cream proving easy to lather. If there were negatives, it was that the fragrance was practically non-existent and that cushioning didn’t seem up there with the best. So not much to go against it, but it didn’t set my world on fire either. I got mine on sale, which made it an absolute bargain, but even at full price it’s good value, with a huge pot for under £10. A solid, if uneventful, performer.

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Last updated: May 4, 2015