D. R. Harris Arlington Shaving Stick

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D. R. Harris Arlington Shave Stick

Another product from the shaving establishment, one of the big names that has been around since the 1700s.

Used with: Lord Platinum Class (1st shave)

I rubbed the soap into my stubble and worked it up with my badger brush. No problems generating plenty of lather. Slickness between passes was very good. The blade was a little uncomfortable to begin with, but settled down and I picked up a solitary nick. I was left with a few rough patches, mainly on my neck and jawline. Other areas strayed into BBS though. Post shave feel was very good. The fragrance is nice, light and slightly sweet, but it’s very subtle and I struggled to pick any up during my shave, let alone after. A good shave though.

Used with: Feather (2nd shave)

I cut a chunk of soap off the stick and pressed (it was too hard to do much to) it into a dish. I then loaded by adding a few drops of water to the top and swirled my badger brush on top for 30 seconds. I didn’t think I had much product on there, but it produced plenty of lather, and the occasional dip of my brush caused it to explode. I picked up a single nick on my first pass, but otherwise all was good. I expected the Feathers to give me a very close shave, what with their reputation for sharpness, but actually it was decidedly average ATG. I was left with quite a few patches. Not that the finish was bad. Post shave feel was OK, but not great. I do like the scent, but it’s not the sort of thing you clamour for.

Used with: Shark Super Chrome (4th shave)

I used my badger brush to load from a dry puck again, thirty seconds was enough to produce plenty of lather for my usual routine. Once again, what started out as thin foam quickly exploded into thick lather as I worked it on my face. Slickness was good, not as good as some, but sufficient. The blade was a bit rough though, and I picked up a few nicks, plus a little irritation on my top lip. My neck and jawline had some rougher areas, but generally the finish was nice and smooth. It didn’t quite make BBS, but it was close. Post-shave feel was good. The scent is very subtle I find, you really have to hunt for it. It’s sweet and light, which probably doesn’t help, and it didn’t seem to linger. A very good shave though.

Used with: Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (3rd shave)

Using my badger brush I again loaded for thirty seconds on a dry puck. I was concerned about the quality of the paste once again, but the application of water was enough to make the lather bloom. Slickness after each pass seemed poor, but I only picked up a solitary nick. The finish was a little patchy but was generally smooth, though not BBS. It was a nice shave but nothing special. I didn’t pick up any scent during or after use. Post shave feel was okay but nothing special.

Used with: Ladas (1st shave)

I opted for my boar brush this time, loading for thirty seconds off a dry-ish puck (it had some droplets on the top). It took some water to bring it to life once I’d smeared the suds onto my face, but was fine. The blade felt a little ragged and the slickness didn’t feel great again, but I only picked up a handful of nicks. The finish was smooth except for a few patches, nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was okay, but not on a par with many others. I picked up a bit more of the fragrance during the shave this time, but nothing afterwards. Not a bad shave, but more mediocre than good.


It started off well, but subsequent shaves never quite seemed to hit the heights. When compared with a lot of the other soaps I’ve been using, I found that it took a lot more effort to lather and didn’t offer as good slickness or post shave feel. Add to that the price (I got mine cheap, but normal retail is just shy of ¬£11 — the bowl¬†refill offers 100g for the same price) and you’ve got several reasons to knock this down. The older brands tend to make up for it with more nuanced scents. This is pleasant (described as citrus and fern), but it was lacking in volume. Not a bad performer, but not top tier.

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Last updated: April 6, 2015