Dollar Shave Club Executive Razor

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Dollar Shave Club Executive Razor

If you’re into shaving and you haven’t heard of these guys, where have you been?

1st shave (used with Dr Carver’s Easy Shave Butter)

I applied some of the included shave butter and dove straight in, despite the lack of any lather making it a touch difficult to see where it was. It cut through my stubble without issue. I could feel the sharpness but only picked up a couple of tiny nicks that self-sealed. My neck felt okay, not especially close but the only roughness was limited to my usual trouble-spots. WTG my face was good, but there were a couple of patches at the corners of my mouth that interrupted the flow. I used the trimming blade to get under my nose as the large head made that hard. ATG was good too, with some resistance but no roughness (outside those small areas). Nowhere even approached BBS. Post shave feel was okay. I did pick up a slight fragrance from the shave butter, when I hunted for it. Above average so we’ll call it a good shave.

2nd shave (used with Dr Carver’s Easy Shave Butter)

I applied some shave butter and followed my usual routine. I got a bit of tugging on my top lip, but otherwise it sliced through nice and cleanly. I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck felt pretty good, not the closest but not bad. I had some roughness in my usual trouble-spots. My face felt good WTG. ATG there was some resistance and a few rough patches. I didn’t use the trimming blade this time so had some stubble under my nose, plus in the nooks around my mouth and chin. Nowhere got close to BBS. Post shave feel was smooth but dry. There was a very subtle fragrance from the shave butter. Just about a good shave.

3rd shave (used with Dr Carver’s Easy Shave Butter)

Again, a reasonable amount of cream was all that I needed to create a smooth layer to shave with. I did get a little tugging on my top lip on the first pass. My neck was pretty good, aside from some roughness in the usual trouble-spots. WTG my face was good. ATG there was some resistance, but no real roughness. Nowhere approached BBS. I remembered to use the trimming blade this time and that removed line of roughness under my nose, although I did find the blade in an odd place, and set at an odd angle, but it worked. To give it credit, the razor is easy to use, hassle-free and sliced through my stubble with ease. A good shave.

4th shave (used with Dr Carver’s Easy Shave Butter)

It didn’t take a lot of cream to provide a good layer. Slickness felt pretty good, but I did seem to open up a few more of my pre-existing nicks than usual. No tugging this time, but my stubble was shorter. My neck was okay, not especially close but the only roughness was limited to the usual trouble-spots. WTG wasn’t overly smooth on my face. ATG there was plenty of resistance but no real roughness. Post shave feel was okay. I got a whiff of the lavender a couple of times during the shave, but nothing too strong. An average shave.

5th shave (used with Lucky Tiger Liquid Shave Cream)

After spreading the cream over my face, I dove in with my usual routine. No tugging this time, although I had limited stubble. No nicks either. My neck was very good, even my usual trouble-spots were better than normal. WTG my face was nice and smooth. There was plenty of resistance ATG, bordering on roughness in places. Nowhere came close to BBS. The trimming blade proved useful in getting to the area under my nose. Post shave feel was soft but very dry. A very good shave.

6th shave (used with Creighton’s For Men Ultra-Rich Shave Cream)

I loaded up using my synthetic brush, having a good lather and plenty of it. Slickness felt good and I didn’t get any nicks or irritation. No issues with tugging, despite having a good amount of stubble. Aside from the usual trouble-spots, my neck was good. WTG my face was smooth. ATG there was some resistance but that was it. Nowhere came close to BBS though. The trimming blade was again necessary for under my nose. Post shave feel was pretty good, perhaps a little dry. A very good shave.


In the starter set you get a handle, four blades and some shave butter. My box came with two handles for some reason.

I happened to sign up for Dorco’s subscription offering at the same time, and can confirm the razors use exactly the same mechanism to attach the blades — confirming that DSC use Dorco blades. Handy if you want to swap between them.

Although it has more blades, the head on the Executive was about the same size as the Harry’s Truman. The blades are simply packed tighter together. It pivots more like a Gillette product, rather than simply being hinged like the Truman. That made the head look smaller and gave it a classier feel (granted this was their top-of-the-range razor but Harry’s two offerings use the same blades).

Subsequent months are £8 for four cartridges. Which is about the same price as Mach3 blades, but slightly less than standard Fusion cartridges, and way less than ProGlide cartridges. That’s for the whopping six-bladed Executive. They do also offer lower tiers with fewer blades and cheaper-looking handles for £6 (four blades) and £3 (two blades) a month.

Realistically, you could get away with a couple of cartridges a month, maybe even one (the two-blade offering gives you five cartridges a month!). The good news is you can alter the schedule, thereby saving by only getting cartridges every other month, or even less frequently.

In terms of performance, I’ll start by saying I really enjoyed using this. It felt good in the hand, with a nice size and weight. The head, although big, didn’t feel as cumbersome as the Harry’s razor.

That said, it lacked a little in consistency. To get the best shave I had to perform as many passes as with my DE razor. If I tried fewer, despite the higher number of blades, it only gave me average shaves. I came to appreciate the trimming blade — which I’d previously considered a gimmick — to help reach the areas you simply can’t with such a large cartridge. The sheer size of it makes getting into any odd crevices impossible though.

I aim to use it as a quick-n-dirty alternative to my electric razor in between DE shaves, and it largely does the job in this regard, but you will notice the drop in shave quality.

The trial pack offers pretty good value. Although more expensive than Harry’s, you get four cartridges instead of one. The refills are expensive, especially considering what a Dorco subscription will run you, so forget about saving money unless you change your delivery scheduled to once a quarter.

If I had to make a choice between this or the Harry’s razor, I’d easily take this one. Better feel, better ergonomics, nicer head design.

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Last updated: October 26, 2018