Friendly Soap Shaving Soap

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Friendly Soap Shaving Soap

Another soap from the small British producer. How does it compare to the giants?

Used with: Personna Platinum (3rd shave)

It’s a hard soap so I opted to try my boar brush. I sprinkled a few drops of water on the top, then loaded for forty seconds (a bit longer than usual). It was quick to produce lots of proto-lather but when I applied it to my face no amount of working could turn it into a proper coating. Shaving therefore became a rush (to finish before it disappeared) and guesswork (once it had). Slickness felt okay but I did pick up a few nicks, though none were serious. My neck wasn’t particularly close but the only real areas of roughness were close to my jawline. Similar story with my face, nowhere too close, but only a few really rough patches. My skin was left feeling a little dry. The scent is dominated by the lavender, with the orange quite hidden. I picked up some during the shave, but I barely noticed it. Not a great experience with an average end result.

Used with: Feather Hi-Stainless (2nd shave)

I soaked the puck alongside my badger brush, then loaded for sixty seconds. Again, generating a proto-lather was no problem but I couldn’t get it to turn into something thicker and it instead stayed a loose foam. Slickness was okay and I only picked up a few nicks, all of which sealed themselves by the time I applied cold water. It was a bit of guesswork as to where I had and hadn’t shaved. My neck was actually pretty good. While it still had the odd bit of roughness, the usual patch by my jawline seemed lessened. My face was good too, with only a few stray hairs. A couple of places even made it to BBS ATG. Post shave feel was average and I was left with a little irritation though. Again, the fragrance was hard to detect once I started using it. Not the best experience but a very good end result.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (1st shave)

I used my badger again this time, on a dry puck. Once again, proto-lather was no problem, but it wouldn’t get any thicker than the bubbly foam. Slickness seemed okay. I picked up a solitary, tiny nick that was sealed by cold water. My neck wasn’t particularly close and was a little patchy. My face also had some rough areas, mainly in the nooks and crannies, but was generally smooth. Nowhere made BBS ATG. Post shave feel was okay but my top lip had some irritation. I don’t remember picking up the scent at all during the shave. An average experience and an average result.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (4th shave)

My boar brush created plenty of frothy lather, but again it refused to turn into anything thicker. As such, it was a struggle to shave as it dissipated so quickly. Slickness was good though as I didn’t pick up any nicks, although I did feel some irritation. My neck wasn’t very close and was quite patchy. My chin was quick rough but the rest of my face was pretty good WTG. ATG was a different story, with nowhere very close. Post shave feel wasn’t good either. An average shave.

Used with: Treet Super Platinum (3rd shave)

I used my boar brush again, with the same result in producing the lather, i.e. not good. Slickness felt good with I used water on my face, but after each pass there was nothing left on the skin at all if you used dry hands, no protection. I picked up a few nicks, most low down on my neck, plus some irritation on my top lip. Parts of my neck were very good (if a little sensitive), with even the usual roughness at my jawline improved, but other areas weren’t great. My face was better, with only really the area around my mouth being below par. A couple of places even made it to BBS ATG. Post shave feel was average. Once again, fragrance was so weak as to not register. A good shave, but the experience and irritation took away from it.


On the plus side, this was cheap, really cheap. That’s about the only thing going for it though. The fragrance isn’t too bad, but it’s so weak you can’t really smell it unless you hold the puck under your nose.

I couldn’t get a lather from it no matter what I tried. Suds weren’t a problem, it generated those by the ton, but they didn’t linger for a pass and made it hard to figure out where I had and hadn’t shaved.

Slickness generally felt okay when you added water, but was non-existent without it. That probably accounts for the irritation left after each shave, although I generally got a close finish (probably because the blade was dragging directly over the skin).

Truth be told, I was glad to finish my cycle with this and will be very happy to see the back of it. Despite the low cost, it’s still not worth it.

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Last updated: November 13, 2015