Geo. F. Trumper Rose Shaving Cream

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Geo F Trumper Rose Shave Cream

A classic scent from a classic brand.

Used with: Perma Sharp Super (4th shave)

A small amount of cream was easily converted into a lovely lather by my badger brush using a few dips of water. Slickness when wet was very good but it didn’t stop me picking up a ton of nicks. My neck wasn’t bad, but I had a few patches, especially up by my jawline. My face was pretty smooth but again not free of roughness, though only ATG. Post shave feel was a average. The scent was the usual sweet rose, maybe not quite as Turkish Delight as some, but leaning that way. A pretty good shave.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (2nd shave)

It didn’t take much cream for my boar brush to produce a great lather. I didn’t need to thin it out, just used the water in the bristles. Slickness when wet felt pretty good and I didn’t pick up any nicks. The blade tugged like hell though. The finish on my neck was good and pretty close compared to some, with the only real roughness coming along my jawline. My face was very good WTG but there were quite a few rougher areas ATG. Nowhere made it BBS ATG, but there were a couple of spots that went close. So a little inconsistent. Post shave feel was okay once again, but nothing special. I picked up wafts of sweet rose throughout the shave. The lather also retained a slight pink hue. A good shave, almost a very good one.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (3rd shave)

I emptied the remains of the pot, which gave me a lot of cream and I was easily able to turn that into loads of glorious lather. Most lathers, no matter what colour the cream/soap, are white, but this retains the pink hue throughout. I needed to dip my badger brush a couple of times to work it up and thin it out. Slickness was superb and I didn’t pick up any nicks. The finish on my neck, while not perfect, was very good. Nice and smooth with only a few patches to fault it. My jawline was the same. I had enough lather to do plenty of touch-ups and it showed. My face was nice and smooth, though I had a few rough bits ATG. Nowhere quite made it to BBS though. Post shave feel was pretty good, maybe not quite the best of the best. I did pick up the scent a few times during the shave and it lingered a bit afterward too. It’s definitely not as sweet or artificial as some. A very good shave.


The amount of cream definitely had an effect on my shave. Use a good amount and it appears you’ll get a great result (assuming everything else is in place for one), but scrimp and you’ll pay the price for your miserly ways.

In terms of scent, it was similar to most of the rose products I have used; with a strong, sweet scent. I think this smelt a little more natural than some of the others I’ve tried. It’s good if you like a rose scent (I don’t mind them, but I wouldn’t put it among my preferred scents).

Again, you’re going to pay the price for your desire for this and, despite being a solid performer, I’m not sure it’s worth it. That said, if money is no object or you can get it on sale, it’s worthy of its reputation.

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Last updated: January 8, 2016