Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum Blades

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Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum

One of the a varied 7 O’Clock range, this time from India.

1st blade > 1st shave
Wickham 1912 Cashmere Shaving Soap

I didn’t have much stubble but no issues with tugging. I took it careful as my previous shave left me with some irritation. I picked up one tiny nick that was sealed before I finished. The end result was a little inconsistent, but was generally smooth.

1st blade > 2nd shave
Yeti Snot Shave Soap

No issues with tugging or clogging, the blade sliced through my stubble with ease. I was left nick and irritation free and with a very close shave. Nowhere quite made it to BBS but even my usual trouble-spots were an improvement over usual. A very good end result.

1st blade > 3rd shave
Boots Freshwood Brushless Shaving Cream

As with any brushless cream, I experienced a good bit of clogging, but the blade sliced through my stubble without complaint. I picked up one tiny nick that sealed itself before I reached cold water. The finish, although uneven, was generally good. I had a few rough patches but nothing major and most places were left smooth.

1st blade > 4th shave
Otoko Organics Shaving Soap

No tugging and it cut through my stubble fine, but it did leave me with a ton of tiny nicks — this may have been because I worked over some areas quite a few times. The finish was good though, with the only roughness in the trouble-spots on my neck. Everywhere else was pretty smooth.

2nd blade > 1st shave
Boots Freshwood Brushless Shaving Cream

I took it steady, especially as I’d had a particularly nasty nick on my top lip the previous shave, but the blade sliced through the minimal stubble with ease all without a single nick. That said, the finish was average.

2nd blade > 2nd shave
Otoko Organics Shaving Soap

The blade sliced effortlessly through my stubble without any tugging. I picked up a few nicks, only a couple of which were significant, but no irritation. I had some small patches of roughness, but also some areas that were close to BBS. A very good shave.

2nd blade > 3rd shave
Wickham 1912 Citrus Musk Shaving Soap

No tugging or irritation again. I did pick up a couple of small nicks, but these were sealed by cold water. Nowhere got close to BBS but the finish was almost uniformly smooth and close. A very good shave.

2nd blade > 4th shave
Vitos ‘Green’ Shaving Soap

I didn’t have any tugging, but the blade felt a bit rough and I was left with a lot of small nicks, plus a couple of sizable ones, though not full-on weepers. There was a little irritation too. The finish was generally good but a little hit-and-miss, with some areas pushing BBS while others retained some roughness.


Looking back through the shave write-ups, I can see that this typically did a good job, but rarely did a great one.

I also found it nicked me pretty often, and certainly by the time I got to the fourth and final shave nicks were appearing en masse — so longevity doesn’t appear to be as good as some blades.

You do get seven blades for the price of five, but it’s not the cheapest blade out there. I paid considerably more than the two others in this family that I’ve already reviewed. Yet it didn’t perform noticeably better.

A perfectly adequate blade in my eyes, but there are better out there and you can get the same performance for less money.

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Last updated: February 24, 2018