Gillette Series 2in1 Intense Cooling Balm

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Gillette 2in1 Intense Cooling Balm

Another product from the industry’s behemoth.

Over the summer I was looking for some cooling products, not just because of the heat, but to help with some burn and irritation caused┬áby the blades I was testing. So when I saw this on offer in the local supermarket, I thought I’d give it a punt.

It comes in a very sexy box, but inside is a fairly cheap plastic tube, not on a par with the ceramic bottle from Nivea. That was disappointment number one.

The giant tube also makes it interesting to dispense. Don’t try and hit your fingertips, for example, and because you can’t see what’s coming out it’s hard to judge the amount (unless you lift your hand up to eye level).

The balm is more liquid than some others. That’s not entirely unusual, the Nivea balm I used initially was similar, but a couple of others (notably the T&H ones) are more of a lotion.

I bought it for that ‘intense’ cooling effect, so the question is, did it work? Well, yes, after a fashion. I wouldn’t call it intense, in fact it was rather mild. My main gripe was that, because it contains alcohol, you had to get over the far more intense burning sensation when first applied. Only after shocking your skin with that did it begin to cool.

I also found that it left my skin feeling very tacky for quite a long time afterwards, even when I only applied a small amount. When it finally evaporated/was absorbed the feeling was pretty good though.

The smell is hard to describe, it’s stronger than most of the balms I’ve tried, with an almost cologne-like scent (presumably due to the alcohol).

It’s certainly not one of my favourites, and won’t be one I’ll be buying again.

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Last updated: October 11, 2014