Gillette Wilkinson Sword Blades

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Gillette Wilkinson Sword Blades

An unusual combination of two big shaving brands.

1st blade > 1st shave
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Collection Shave Cream

A smooth shave in terms of tugging, or lack thereof. It did clog a little and I had several tiny nicks. A couple survived until the end and re-opened even after everything. The finish was generally good but was a touch inconsistent. A pretty good shave.

1st blade > 2nd shave
Body Prescriptions Fresh Pine & Cedar Shaving Cream

It sliced through my stubble with ease and without tugging or nicking me. I didn’t have any irritation either. The finish wasn’t particularly close anywhere, but I didn’t get to do as many touch-ups as usual due to a lack of lather. A pretty good shave though.

1st blade > 3rd shave
Boots Freshwood Brushless Shave Cream

No issues with tugging this time either. I did see a tiny nick at one stage, but it sealed itself before I finished. The finish was very uneven, with some places very good while others were rough. A pleasant enough shave.

1st blade > 4th shave
Crabtree & Evelyn Moroccan Myrrh Shave Cream

The shave was smooth once again, but I did pick up a few nicks, at least one of which lasted through even cold water. I was also left with a little irritation. Nowhere was especially close, but it was largely smooth. A pretty good shave.

2nd blade > 1st shave
Body Prescriptions Fresh Pine & Cedar Shaving Cream

No tugging, not that I had a huge amount of stubble, but I did pick up a few nicks and some irritation. I used the cream like a brushless and it clogged the blade enough I had to clean it between passes. The finish was very average.

2nd blade > 2nd shave
XPEC Original Shave Cream

No tugging again, despite plenty of growth. I had a little clogging on the first pass. No nicks or irritation. I ad a few patches of roughness ATG, mostly in the usual spots, but good WTG. So a pretty average finish, but a pleasant shave.

2nd blade > 3rd shave
Boots Freshwood Brushless Shave Cream

I had a little tugging early in my first pass, but that was it. I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation. That said, I did have a few areas with some significant resistance. The only real roughness was in my usual trouble-spots. Otherwise a pretty good shave.

2nd blade > 4th shave
Acqua di Parma Colonia Collezione Barbiere Shaving Cream

I don’t recall any tugging during this shave. I didn’t pick up any nicks either, and was left irritation-free. The finish wasn’t bad, but nowhere wast particularly close though I avoided any real roughness. A pretty good shave.


This is a little strange as I’d always considered Gillette and Wilkinson Sword to be big rivals, so finding both names on the same pack seems odd.

In terms of performance, this was very average. The lack of nicks and irritation, coupled with underwhelming closeness, suggests this is a pretty dull blade,. It’s therefore ideal for more aggressive razors but it doesn’t work too well in average or mild ones.

In terms of price, this is very affordable, so if you’re looking for something to use on those days you just want an easy shave without paying too much attention, this is a contender. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

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Last updated: April 7, 2018