Haslinger Coconut Shaving Soap

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Haslinger Coconut Shaving Soap

A soap from Austra, designed to be skin and animal friendly plus 100% natural. They’ve been around since 1890.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (4th shave)

I soaked it for the same amount of time as my brush, and it quickly began to build a creamy lather. It wasn’t particularly dense when applied, but gave a good coating, and I had enough for a second pass after working the brush some more. Slickness felt okay after each pass. The scent is subtle, pleasant, but the sweetness of the coconut takes some effort to detect. I was left with several nicks, though none serious. The blade was smooth until I switched to ATG, when it began to pull. The end result was smooth and soft, but patchy, and I also had a bit of irritation.

Used with: Sputnik (2nd shave)

Same methond as before, and I got a good lather again. A better consistency this time, and plenty for a second pass. I wasn’t paying too much attention to slickness, but I don’t remember it being bad. I did pick up a couple of nicks, one a weeper, but that was probably down to my touching up (without lather). The blade was comfortable though. The finish was smooth and soft, not quite BBS, but with only the odd patch on my neck.

Used with: Rapira Platinum Lux (2nd shave)

I loaded for a bit less time than before, but was still able to generate a good lather, and plenty for two passes. I was decidedly unimpressed with the amount of slickness left after the first pass though, so will probably load for longer in future. I picked up zero nicks, but I had to do a lot of touching up, which suggests it was the blade’s dullness rather than the cushioning that was responsible. My face was left soft and with fewer patches than normal, but it wasn’t particularly close anywhere.

Used with: Schick Premium (1st shave)

I went a bit longer on the loading, and scooped up some of the foam that hung around the edges of the bowl I used, so I had plenty for two passes. This time I also extracted the remainder from the brush to use during touch-ups. Maybe it was that which gave me a great post-shave feel. The blade left with me a lot of nicks, though only on my neck. I didn’t manage to get too close around my mouth, but most everywhere else was pretty good, and in some places I’d say BBS. I do like the sweet scent.

Used with: Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (2nd shave)

Used my new boar brush this time, soaking the brush as usual, but leaving the puck dry. I had to add water as a I went, and I wasn’t sure I had enough for two passes. Even the first application didn’t seem too thick. I did get enough without reloading though, with spare for touching up. I picked up a few nicks, none serious. That said, the blade was smooth throughout, though it felt like I had to do a lot of touching up. Not much slickness after the first pass, but at the end I was left with plenty and a great post-shave feel. A very good shave.


Having heard a lot of good reviews of this brand, I was expecting to be blown away, especially after being a little underwhelmed at the size of the puck. That wasn’t the case, but with each shave it gained my respect though. The lather was never very thick, and there was never tons of it, but it seemed to provide good glide and protection. Post shave feel was outstanding too. I also enjoyed the sweet scent of the coconut.

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Last updated: October 1, 2014