Ingram Quality Lather Shave Cream

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Ingram Quality Lather Shave Cream

Long-established name and well-known within the British shave community.

Used with: The Bluebeards Revenge blades (2nd shave)

It was so runny (possibly due to the heat) that I poured rather than squeezed it from the tube into my palm. I then spread it onto my face to form a layer before building a lather with my synthetic brush. Getting a good lather was easy and slickness was good. I did pick up a couple of nicks, but these were sealed before I finished. It’s known for a high menthol content, giving it a good cooling effect. I only got that on the first pass and even then it was fairly mild. My neck was generally okay, nothing spectacular but adequate, although I did have some roughness in the usual trouble-spots. WTG my face was very smooth. ATG was good too, with minimal resistance and no rough patches. There was even a spot on my chin that made it to BBS. Post shave feel was pretty good, soft but a bit dry. I don’t recall a fragrance as such. I’d say a very good shave.

Used with: Gillette Stainless (1st shave)

The temperature was lower today so it wasn’t as liquid, but was still fairly fluid, plus quite airy. I didn’t use a lot of cream, which may explain some of what I encountered. I applied as before; smoothing it onto my chops before building a lather with my synthetic brush. I had to dip the bristles in water to get some volume but the quantity was lacking after the first pass. Slickness felt good but it didn’t prevent me picking up a few nicks. They were sealed by the time I got to cold water. I did also get some irritation on my top lip. I got a bit of a cooling sensation on my first pass, but it was relatively mild. The finish on my neck was poor, and yet still felt a little raw. WTG my face felt pretty good. There was plenty of resistance but little real roughness ATG. Post shave feel wasn’t particularly soft or hydrated. There is a fragrance, not sure how to describe it except to say floral, but not in a good way. An average shave.

Used with: Croma Diamant Stainless (3rd shave)

Slightly lower temperature again but the cream still had a pretty runny consistency, it looks a little gritty and separated. I made sure to use a bit more this time. After working up the first pass I was concerned I still didn’t have enough, but a bit of water was all that was needed to provide plenty for three passes. Slickness was very good, but it didn’t prevent me picking up a few nicks. Some were just below weeper class but all were sealed by the time I applied cold water. My neck wasn’t bad, but I had some roughness in the usual trouble-spots. No problems WTG on my face. ATG there was plenty of resistance. even on my cheeks. Post shave feel was spoilt by the moisturiser I used. There is a small fragrance, nothing too bad but quite industrial. A pretty good shave.

Used with: Rapira Platinum Lux (4th shave)

Again, temperatures were a little lower so it was slightly less runny. It definitely has a gritty appearance. I transferred it to my badger brush to lather up this time. Initially it didn’t look like I had enough, but adding a splash of water soon turned it into plenty. Slickness felt pretty good but it didn’t prevent me picking up a handful of nicks, most of which were just shy of weepers and a few survived even past cold water. I was also left with a little irritation on my top lip. My neck was generally okay, but there were some rough areas, notably in my usual trouble-spots. No problems WTG on my face. There were areas of resistance ATG, bordering on roughness. Post shave feel was soft but a bit dry. I don’t recall picking up the fragrance at all this time. A good result, if a poor experience.

Used with: Supermax Super Platinum (2nd use)

Another cold water shave, this time using my boar brush. Again the lower temperature meant the cream wasn’t so liquid and I had to squeeze the tube to extract it. Despite using a good amount, lather felt a struggle and I had to add plenty of water. Even then I didn’t feel I had a good coating or quality for the second pass. Slickness seemed to suffer, but I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation. The blade tugged a little on the first pass. There was some roughness in the usual trouble-spots on my neck, but the rest was very good. Nice and smooth WTG on my face. There were some patches of roughness ATG, which I put down to a shortened touch-up pass, as I didn’t have a lot of lather. Post shave feel was pretty good. I did get a whiff of the fragrance at the start, but don’t recall it after that. Not unpleasant, but leans toward the chemical end for me. I felt the menthol on the first pass, slightly cooling, quite mild. A pretty good shave.


This is one of those creams that gets mentioned whenever budget options come up, like Palmolive and Arko. It certainly has an attractive price point.

It’s also mentioned when ‘cold’ menthol products are discussed, but for me this was rather mild, certainly no stronger than any of the other products I’ve tried.

It doesn’t seem to handle heat very well, the cream being quite runny to begin with. When warm it simply poured out of the tube, which didn’t inspire confidence.

That said, it generally proved easy to lather — though didn’t always provide the best quality. Slickness was a bit hit-and-miss and, even when present, protection was a little lacking. I picked up irritation and/or nicks on most of my shaves.

In fact, performance wise I rarely got a great end result, though it usually did the job.

Fragrance-wise it was unimpressive too. Not sure what they were going for. If I’m being generous I’d say a high, sharp floral scent, but it’s more chemical to my nose.

For the price, you get a perfectly adequate cream that provides a reasonable standard of shave. Not one I’d recommend you bother seeking out though.

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Last updated: July 26, 2017