Kent Skin Conditioning Shaving Cream

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Kent Skin Conditioning Shaving Cream

Perhaps best known for their brushes, Kent also offer a range of other shaving products.

Used with: Gillette Nacet Stainless (2nd shave)

I squeezed a good amount directly onto my shaken out badger brush, which proved more than enough for plenty of lather. I used a little water to thin out the first pass. The blade tugged a lot throughout and, although slickness was fine, I picked up several nicks, though only one significant one. The finish on my neck was patchy, especially as it reached my jawline. Above that it was better, in some places reaching BBS. I didn’t manage to clear all the nooks around my mouth though. It mention cooling menthol on the packaging and I definitely felt the kick. Not harsh, just a pleasant and refreshing sensation. The fragrance wasn’t to my taste, not unpleasant but it won’t be something you’ll treasure, perhaps some underlying lavender. Post shave feel was good. A very good shave.

Used with: Lord Super Stainless (1st shave)

Using my boar brush and a similar technique to my previous shave, I built up a good lather. I needed some water to thin it out but it still managed to clog my blade. Slickness wasn’t as good as the best, but was more than adequate. I picked up a solitary nick. The finish was decidedly patchy. Normally that’s limited to my neck, but while some places were close to BBS, others were way off. Where it was smooth, post shave feel was good though. Got that cooling chill again, which was nice. Far from perfect, but not a bad shave.

Used with: Personna Med Prep (3rd shave)

I squeezed some cream onto my badger brush and loaded up. Producing lather was easy but it could have done with some more water as it clogged my blade on the first pass. Slickness wasn’t noteworthy but largely did the job. I did pick up a few nicks, but they were limited to my jawline. My neck had a couple of patches and generally wasn’t that close. Above my jaw was good, with only a couple of rougher areas in the nooks around my mouth. Didn’t make BBS anywhere though. Post shave feel wasn’t bad. The menthol was there again, not as strong this time I didn’t think, but good nonetheless. A bit of an average shave.

Used with: Bolzano Superinox (4th shave)

I squeezed some onto my badger brush and face lathered. It was easy to build a good coating and I had enough for two full passes and my usual intense touch-up routine. Slickness was fine, it’s fairly middling, but I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck was pretty good, with only the odd patch. Jawline was good too. Above that was nice and smooth. I didn’t quite get everything around my mouth, but otherwise it was excellent. It made BBS in a couple of places, though not across most of my cheeks. Lovely post shave feel. A very good shave.

Used with: Astra Superior Platinum (4th shave)

I tried something new with this shave, using cold water. I soaked my boar as usual and it didn’t seem to affect my ability to build a lather. It did seem to make shifting it from the blade a bit tougher. Slickness was not a problem, but I still picked up a fair few nicks, most of which sealed themselves. The blade felt a little rough, but that may have been the cold. The finish on my neck and jawline wasn’t bad, but had some patches, especially ATG. Above that, I had some irritation on my top lip and the occasional missed spot around my mouth. The rest was smooth, if not quite BBS, with good post shave feel. A pretty good shave. The cold water, along with the menthol, made for a refreshing feel, but it wasn’t the most pleasant of shaving experiences.


I was pleasantly surprised by this cream. As Kent’s core business is brushes, I assumed this was some bought in product to fill the range and bring in additional sales. While not up there with the best, it did a good job and I enjoyed the menthol kick. Slickness did seem to let it down a touch, but the price is pretty good in relation to the performance. It won’t be stealing any crowns, but it’s more than capable.

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Last updated: July 18, 2015