Le Savon des Volcans Mint & Petit Grain Shaving Soap

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Savon des Volcans Mint & Petit Grain

A soap from France that contains an unusual ingredient.

Used with: Croma Diamant Stainless (2nd shave)

I pressed the sample into a bowl, left it dry and loaded for the usual thirty seconds with my synthetic brush. I wasn’t sure I had enough initially but it turned out I had plenty on the bristles. Slickness didn’t impress me and I picked up a lot of small nicks, mainly during touch-ups. They were sealed by cold water. My neck was very good. Even the roughness common in my usual trouble spots was improved. Lovely WTG on my face. ATG wasn’t bad either. Minimal resistance for the most part but I did have a couple of patches bordering on roughness. Nowhere made it to BBS. Post shave feel was soft but quite dry. I did pick up the fragrance at the start. It was pleasant but I don’t recall it during the shave. A good shave.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (3rd shave)

I left the sample dry once more, then loaded with my badger brush. Lather was no problem although I did seem to run out during touch-ups. Slickness didn’t feel great but I didn’t pick up any nicks. Aside from roughness in my usual trouble-spots, my neck was pretty good. So was my face WTG. ATG generally wasn’t bad, with minimal resistance, but I did have a patch of roughness on one cheek. Post shave feel was okay, soft but not especially so, and a little dry. I picked up the fragrance as I applied the first coating, it’s very subtle. I didn’t pick it up after that, even when hunting for it. Not sure how to describe it. The mint doesn’t come through and what’s left reminds me of pea, so I assume it’s the petitgrain. Overall a good shave.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (1st shave)

I loaded from a dry sample using my boar brush. I had plenty of lather, but did have to add water and work it. Slickness felt pretty average but I only picked up a couple of tiny nicks. My neck was very good. I did have some roughness in my usual trouble-spots but it wasn’t as pronounced as usual. WTG was smooth on my face. There was quite a bit of resistance, even some minor roughness ATG. Post shave feel was pretty good. Soft but a little dry. A cold prevented me from picking up any of the fragrance. A good shave, almost a very good one.

Used with: The Bluebeards Revenge blades (4th shave)

I left the sample dry and loaded for thirty seconds using my synthetic brush. I had tons of lather, plenty for my usual routine and change. Slickness felt okay, nothing special, and I picked up a few small nicks. These were sealed by the time I applied cold water. My neck was okay, the only roughness limited to my usual trouble-spots, but it wasn’t especially close despite feeling a little raw. Nice and smooth WTG on my face. ATG there was minimal resistance. Nowhere made it to BBS. I did have some irritation on my top lip (where most of the nicks were). Post shave feel was soft but a little dry. I can’t say I picked up any of the fragrance before or during. Another good, almost very good, shave.

Used with: Personna Platinum (2nd shave)

Using my synthetic brush, I loaded for thirty seconds. I didn’t think I’d loaded enough but a bit of water turned it into plenty for my usual routine. Slickness was better this time, not amazing but I could feel a layer. That said, I still picked up a few nicks, some of which survived past cold water. My neck was very good. I had a little roughness in my usual trouble-spots, but even that was less than usual. My face was nice and smooth WTG. ATG there was some resistance but no roughness. Nowhere made it to BBS though. Post shave feel was soft but a bit dry. Sticking my nose in the bowl at the start, I was able to pick up a faint fragrance. A very good shave.


A bit of a mixed bag with this, and I wanted to like it.

It was easy enough to lather, though often required some water to get the best out of it and offer up a good coating.

The slickness and protection felt fine, but weren’t outstanding and I picked up nicks on most of my shaves. This suggests it wasn’t performing a particularly stellar job.

The claim seems to be the addition of the donkey milk (you read that right) helps with the post shave feel. I can’t say this stood out compared to other products I have used that lack it. Apparently the mint is supposed to have a mild cooling effect too. Can’t say I noticed.

Then there’s the fragrance. It’s incredibly weak to start with, which may come from the unique combination. I struggled to pick it up a any point.

For all that, it provided me with good shaves, a few even a step above that, or close to it. It certainly wasn’t a product I dreaded using, but equally it’s not one I’d re-order.

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Last updated: November 30, 2017