L’Occitane Cedrat After-Shave Cream Gel

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L'Occitane Cedrat After Shave Balm

The newest range from L’Occitane.

1st shave

I squeezed a small amount out of the tube. It says gel on the packaging, but it just a regular balm.

It spread on easily and was quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.

Afterwards it felt reasonably so, and a bit more hydrated than with some others, but it was still fairly dry.

The fragrance is subtle, even straight from the tube, but it does have some staying power. You’ll need to hunt for it though. It’s not unpleasant but it didn’t impress me either.

Nice enough end result but it didn’t stand out above other balms.

2nd shave

Again, a small amount of product was all that was necessary to cover my face.

No greasiness or unpleasant residue and it was absorbed quickly.

I didn’t have any irritation so can’t say how well it would have subdued that.

If I held my hands to my nose I was able to pick up the fragrance well enough to detect the hints of citrus. Otherwise it was far too subtle.

I was left soft but still a little dry.

3rd shave

I used the same amount as the previous time, but my skin was dry and I practically had to drag it over my face.

It disappeared quickly, unsurprisingly, and while my face didn’t feel bad, it wasn’t as soft as with some, and was still pretty dry.

I didn’t pick up the fragrance at all during application, certainly not noticeably, although I did detect the faintest hint lingering on my skin afterwards. It was pleasant, with a bright note.

4th shave

I used a little more cream this time. It was a bit easier to get a coating, but not easy.

No problems with greasy feel though. And no residue left behind.

It left my skin averagely soft but a little dry.

The fragrance didn’t stand out, it’s dialed back so far as to be almost undetectable, but it’s there if you search and remained for some time afterwards.


Cedrat, as far as I could tell, is a type of citrus fruit (the original bearer for a group that includes the likes of lemon, orange and bergamot).

L’Occitane describe it as blending “citrus notes and woody spices for a fresh, aquatic scent.” It certainly doesn’t come across as citrus to my nose. I don’t get aquatic either. For me it’s a more woody scent, very fresh.

It’s supplied in a tube designed to mimic the metal that the larger sizes come in, but it’s actually just plastic.

Considering the price of it, I was expecting something impressive, but all I got was an adequate moisturiser. It’s didn’t stand out above products available at much lower prices.

In the more expensive lines, aside from higher quality, and typically natural, ingredients, you’re paying for the fragrance. It’s so weak here as to be almost indiscernible without effort. It’s nice enough, but I would take their usual Cade scent over it.

A good enough package, but not worthy of the price.

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Last updated: November 24, 2018