L’Occitane L’Occitan After Shave Balm

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L'Occitane L'Occitan After Shave Balm

Another product from this French brand.

1st shave

It’s described differently to the Cedrat offering, this actually stating it’s a balm rather than a cream gel. It felt thicker when I tried to apply it, meaning it didn’t smooth on quite as easily.

It was still absorbed quickly though, without any greasy sensations.

I don’t recall picking up the fragrance when I applied it and, even smelling the tube itself, it’s not the strongest scent. What I could pick up was not unpleasant though.

I can’t say it provided more moisture than other balms, or that it helped stem some of the irritation I had.

2nd shave

I squeezed slightly more than a pea-sized amount out of the tube. I’d dried my face after splashing water on it and the lack of moisture meant it didn’t spread very easily. I had to drag it over my skin.

That said, it was absorbed quickly and didn’t leave a greasy feel.

The fragrance is subtle but insistent. It’s not in-your-face, but it lingers after application. For me, the spicy cade dominates.

It was okay, it didn’t leave my skin very soft or moisturised, but wasn’t bad.

3rd shave

I used a little more this time, but it still involved dragging it over my dry face, it didn’t spread easily and felt like a struggle.

Again, no greasy feel while applying but I was left with a slightly greasy residue.

The fragrance was there, although quite subtle, from application and it remained present for a good while after.

My face felt soft but a bit dry.

4th shave

This time I used plenty, which made it much easier to cover my face, but the thickness of the balm also meant it left a bit of a layer and I could feel some residue for quite a while after.

Out of the bottle, held to my nose, I could barely discern the fragrance at all. It was a little stronger once applied. It’s not an unpleasant scent, but it’s not one I would hunt down either.

It left my face soft, but a little dry still.


I wasn’t entirely sure what the difference was between this and the standard Cade line. Unlike the Cedrat range, this isn’t as visually distinct.

The L’Occitan fragrance is described as having “a base of nutmeg, cade, cedar and musk, middle notes of lavender and top notes of black pepper and bergamot.” Cade is much more heavily focused on the cade part.

It’s supplied in a tube designed to mimic the metal that the larger sizes come in, but it’s actually just plastic.

Aside from the fragrance, the ingredients do differ from the Cedrat “Gel-Cream” and it contains shea butter, among other things. I can’t say it was noticeably thicker, but it was a little harder to spread and when I used more I was left with a residue on my skin.

Again, this doesn’t offer enough, in terms of performance or fragrance, to justify the price in my opinion.

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Last updated: November 24, 2018