L’Oreal Men Expert 24hr Hydrating Post-Shave Balm

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L'Oreal Men Expert 24hr Hydrating Post-Shave Balm

Another balm from another big name.

Men’s grooming products have a name problem — aside from having to create sub-brands to target men specifically, manufacturers seem to like cramming as many word into the name and onto the box as possible.

I had to look up what this was actually referred to rather than interpret what was splashed all over the packaging.

Speaking of packaging, I like this. It comes in a nice-looking box, inside which is a plastic bottle. Not the upturned tube I’ve become used to, it is an actual bottle with a flip-top lid. The combination of colours and plastics also gives it an edge over some for me, making it stand out (though still not on a par with Nivea’s ceramic one).

The balm itself is much thicker than the offerings from competitors like Nivea and Dove. This gives it a premium feel but makes it tougher to spread on a dry face.

It has a very light scent, slightly sweet but quite masculine. It’s pleasant and probably my favourite of the big brands I’ve tried.

Performance was good, leaving my face soft and smooth. Didn’t do more than any other balm to help soothe burn though.

I got mine on sale for a couple of quid under normal price. Still a bargain compared to the established shaving brands.


A slightly premium product with a price to match. I’d have no issue recommending it but it doesn’t perform noticeably better than its big brand competitors.

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Last updated: July 8, 2017