Nanny’s Silly Soap Moroccan Sands Hard Shaving Soap

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Nanny's Moroccan Sands Hard Shaving Soap

Nanny’s offer a variety of soaps, this is from the hard soap range.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (2nd shave)

Much harder than many of the soaps I’ve used of late (though it will give if you squeeze it), I decided to soak the puck first. Loading for thirty seconds with my boar brush, I had plenty of lather for my usual cycle. Slickness was fine, but not as good as some. The blade felt a little rough in use, but I only picked up one nick (more a re-opening of an existing one, and it was sealed by cold water). Below my jaw the finish was a bit patchy, above it was nice and smooth, with a couple of places making BBS. Post shave feel was pleasant. The scent is good, nice and strong and I could smell it occasionally through the shave. Not sure how to describe it except to say it was exotic and spicy. A good shave.

Used with: Polsilver Super Iridium (3rd shave)

Again, I soaked the puck briefly before loading with my badger brush. The second pass took a bit of effort to build, but a few dips of water bloomed the lather and I had plenty for my usual two passes and touch-ups. Slickness was pretty good, but I did pick up a few nicks, though most were sealed by cold water. Possibly the best finish on my neck that I have achieved in some time and very good above my jawline too. It didn’t quite make it to BBS but was very smooth, with a great post shave feel. Good scent again, but not something I was particularly aware of. A very good shave.

Used with: Rapira Platinum Lux (1st shave)

Same as before and I got plenty of lather again, though I did have to use a bit of water to encourage it. Slickness was fine and I only picked up a single nick. The finish wasn’t especially close anywhere, but it was passable. It was particularly patchy on my neck. Post shave feel wasn’t bad, but not up there with the best. I paid more attention to the fragrance this time. The puck smells quite strong, but it’s dulled right down in the lather, the only whiff I got was when the brush was practically rubbing my nose. Not that that is unique to this soap.

Used with: Vokshod (4th shave)

I went with my badger again, just sprinkling a bit of water on the top to soak alongside my brush. Still easy to load and build plenty of lather, though I had to work a bit harder on the second pass. The slickness was there, but I did pick up a few nicks late on. The finish was okay on my neck, not as patchy as most. I had the usual issues on my jawline and I didn’t quite get all the nooks around my mouth, but it shone on my cheeks, where large areas made it to BBS. Nice scent throughout the shave and it lingered for a while, although subtly. A great shave.

Used with: Personna Platinum (2nd shave)

I opted for my boar brush this time, along with a few drops of water to wet the top of the puck. I loaded for the usual thirty seconds and lather was fine for the first pass, but it took a bit of effort to generate a decent coating for the second. Slickness wasn’t great, but did the job as I didn’t pick up any nicks. My neck was pretty good, with the only patches on my jawline. Above that was very smooth. I didn’t quite make BBS on my cheeks, but there were a couple of patches that did elsewhere. Despite a fair few attempts, I didn’t quite get all the stubble around my mouth, one nook escaped. Nice and soft post shave feel. A very good shave.


I seem to have been using creams and soft soaps (croaps) lately, so it was nice to get back to an actual puck. It was easy to lather, but looking back it always required some work on the second pass, so maybe it needs to be loaded for longer. Slickness wasn’t as good as some products I’ve used, but seemed more than enough and I generally got a good shave whenever I used this soap. The scent is described as ‘Arabian oudh musk fragrance’ and is very unique. It’s a nice, heady smell, not overpowering, but I sometimes had to hunt for it. Top marks for value, you get a lot of soap for the money and it’ll last a long time. Definitely worth a go.

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Last updated: May 27, 2015