Nanny’s Silly Soap Signature Vanilla Cream Soap

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Nanny's Silly Soap Signature Vanilla

Nanny’s is a British artisan soap maker who focuses on using natural ingredients.

Used with: Shark Super Chrome (1st shave)

It’s quite a soft soap, so I opted to load with my badger brush, shaken out, without adding any water before loading for thirty seconds. I was quickly able to build a nice thick lather, with plenty for my usual routine. I did pick up a couple of nicks, but nothing serious. The finish was generally smooth, but I had a few patches on my jawline and around my mouth. It didn’t make it to BBS anywhere, but was close. Post shave feel wasn’t as good as with some. The fragrance was strong and delicious, I kept getting hit with a wonderful blast during the shave. A good shave but not a great one.

Used with: Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (2nd shave)

I went with my boar brush this time. I shook it out and loaded from a dry puck. Thirty seconds produced plenty of lather for two passes and touch-ups (essentially three passes and finishing). The blade was smooth throughout and I didn’t pick up any nicks. Slickness was fine, but not as good as with some. I felt like I needed to do a bit more work than usual and I still didn’t clear out all of the nooks and crannies. Having said that, these were the exception rather than the rule. The majority of my face was left very smooth, if not quite BBS (there was the odd patch). Post shave feel was very good too. The scent was salivating again and was strong throughout the shave, though didn’t linger much past it. A very good shave.

Used with: Ladas (4th shave)

Again with the boar and again it loaded plenty of lather for two passes and my array of touch-ups. The blade started off a little rough, calmed down, but covered my face in nicks and left me with some irritation on my top lip. I blame the blade as slickness was good. It did result in a close shave though. My cheeks didn’t quite make BBS, but were as close as you can get. It wasn’t quite so close on my neck, but still very good. Post shave feel was fantastic too. A bloody shave but a great finish.

Used with: Shark Super Stainless (3rd shave)

This time I opted for my badger brush. adding a few drops of water to the surface before working it for thirty seconds. I had plenty of lather, more than enough, for the two passes and endless touch-ups I always do. The blade felt a little rough, but slickness was good and I didn’t pick up any nicks. The finish was largely smooth, with the odd patch on my neck and jaw. I didn’t quite get everything in the nooks around my mouth either. Even where it was close it didn’t feel BBS, but rough, like stubble had been left behind. Post shave feel was good. Not a bad shave, but not up there with the best.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (1st shave)

The badger was deployed again and lather was again no problem, with plenty for several coats. One of my favourite blades and a good amount of slickness meant zero nicks. I didn’t quite get all the nooks around my mouth and my neck wasn’t perfect, with the odd catch, but there were exceptions on an otherwise very smooth finish. It made BBS in a few places, though not quite ATG on my cheeks. My face was left very smooth and soft. The scent was strong to start and I got several blasts during my shave, but it slowly died away and didn’t linger. Still, a fantastic shave.


I expected good things and I wasn’t disappointed. It always produced a great amount of lather and left my face feeling nice, despite some of the shaves not being top drawer, but that was down to the blades I’d chosen. The fragrance is very pleasant, light but strong, although I’m not sure it’s the sort of thing I want when I shave. It also seemed to fade during the shave and disappear after. That was the only downside though. Signature is the top of the NSS range, but it’s still not expensive and, although not a triple milled soap, it’ll still last a long time. The metal tin is a nice touch too. Definitely worth a try.

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Last updated: April 20, 2015