Palmolive Classic Shave Stick

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Palmolive Shave Stick

The Palmolive shave products have a reputation for being good, and cheap.

Used with: Feather blade (8th shave)

I wasn’t expecting much from something so cheap, but what a performer. I wet my face, rubbed some in, then lathered up. Easy to get plenty of thick lather. Left my face smooth and slick. I was seriously impressed and was constantly feeling my face during the day to experience the smoothness. Doesn’t smell bad either, just a clean, soapy scent.

Used with: Polsilver Super Iridium (3rd shave)

Again, easy to get a good lather, though I probably didn’t have enough for three passes (I only do two). Having a decent set of whiskers would have helped get more soap on there I think. Nice slickness again. The shave was rough on the second pass and left my top lip raw, I think this was probably down to the blade though. As with previous shaves using this blade, the result was smooth in places, but patchy.

Used with: Gillette Silver Blue (2nd shave)

Quick to lather once again, and a good amount of slickness left behind after each pass. The blade glided with no pulling or scraping. The finish wasn’t as good as with the first use of this blade. Some parts were super smooth, but I also had had patches that felt rough ATG. The end result was pretty reasonable, but with a few nicks and some burn on my top lip.

Used with: Ladas Super Stainless (2nd shave)

Although I got a reasonable lather, I had to re-apply before my second pass because there simply wasn’t enough. Reasonably slickness left behind after the first pass, but much better after the second. I picked up a couple of small nicks, and there were a couple of patches that weren’t quite right, but otherwise a great finish.

Used with: Feather (2nd shave)

I spent a bit longer building my lather the first time, and had plenty for a second pass (after a bit more work to re-build). Good slickness this time, especially after the second pass. I picked up a ton of nicks, one a real heavy weeper. Very smooth WTG, but not so good ATG.


For the price, you can’t really complain, but the fact that it’s actually a good performer is what makes it a bargain. Probably not the best stuff out there, but I never seemed to have a problem getting a good shave using it with the right blade.

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Last updated: May 17, 2014