Perma-Sharp Super Blades

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Perma-Sharp Super

Turkish blades, but like so many others, they’re made in Russia.

1st blade > 1st shave
Boots Shave Bowl Original soap

I used this after a Super-Max Stainless and the difference was night and day. No horrible dragging or pulling from this blade, just a reasonable glide as it sliced through my stubble. The only nick I encountered was caused by me catching the corner of my mouth, but even that sealed itself before I’d finished. I did end up with some dryness on my top lip, sorted out with balm though. Probably not the closest shave I’ve had, but a solid performance.

1st blade > 2nd shave
Groomed Shave Cream

Again, a good performance, not the closest shave overall, but a largely smooth finish. It struggled with the corners of my mouth, despite special attention. No nicks or irritation though.

2nd blade > 1st shave
Proraso Eucalytus & Menthol Shave Cream

Smooth shave throughout, although I did pick up a couple of nicks. It was worth it for a very smooth finish that was BBS in places. Not perfect, and with a little rough around the corners of my mouth (not atypical), but overall a great shave.

2nd blade > 2nd shave
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Collection Shaving Cream

Another smooth shave, and only one nick this time. It wasn’t perfect, with the finish not BBS, even where it was smoothest, and with a few rough patches, but generally a smooth end result.

2nd blade > 3rd shave
Palmolive Shave Stick

Once again smooth, and no nicks this time. The finish wasn’t BBS, but it was very smooth all over, aside from the usual small patches around the corners of my mouth.

2nd blade > 4th shave
Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap

Although it didn’t seem to drag or scrape I did pick up plenty of nicks, and a little irritation on my top lip. That may have been in part due to going over some areas several times to try and get closer. It was in a bit of a rush, which probably didn’t help, but the end result wasn’t the smoothest.


A good, rather than great, performer that offered smooth, close shaves, but didn’t quite make it into the top tier of BBS finishes. It’s the sort of blade I wouldn’t hesitate in using again though.

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Last updated: July 26, 2014