Proraso Eucalyptus & Menthol Shave Cream

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Proraso Menthol Shave Cream

Another legendary name, and product, in the DE community, who have been around a long time.

Used with: Wilkinson Sword (1st shave)

Easy enough to get a good lather, and the smell came out as I worked it. The menthol gives it a nice cooling effect on your face. While the shave was quite close, I had a lot of nicks and razor burn. It didn’t leave any silkiness behind either, if anything it was slightly drying.

Used with: Shark Super Stainless

I face lathered this time, and got a good lather. I noticed the cooling effect of the menthol a bit more this time too. Again, I would say it didn’t offer the same level of lubrication as some of the soap/creams I’ve tried. Having said that, I ended up with a fairly good shave.

Used with: Personna Super ‘Med Prep’

Face lathered again, and again got a good lather in no time. The menthol’s cooling effect was more noticeable this time, and quite refreshing. A reasonable level of slickness after the second application (not so much between passes). I picked up a couple of nicks during the touch-up phase. Other than that, a nice smooth end result.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (1st shave)

I face lathered again, producing a good consistency nice and quickly. Again, the menthol was potent (it may be my imagination, but I think it’s getting stronger). It doesn’t seem to leave much slickness after the first pass, but is much better after the second. I ended up with a couple of tiny nicks low down on my neck, but it left me with a great, smooth shave.

Used with: Bolzano Superinox

I went for a face lather again, and once again the cooling effect seemed to have gained some strength. It lathered well, producing plenty for several passes. There was a reasonable coating of slickness left after each pass, but not as much as some of the other soaps and creams I’ve used. I didn’t get any nicks or irritation, but neither was it the closest shave I’ve had.

Used with: Schick Premium (1st shave)

Once again I face lathered, shaking my brush dry and applying to a wet face. It soon built a good lather. I didn’t think I had enough for my second pass, but a bit more work and it built back up just fine. Nice and slick after each pass, and with a reasonable cooling effect. The blade was pretty good, though I ended up with a couple of nicks (one weeper during touching up), and some irritation on my top lip. Overall the end result was soft and smooth.

Used with: Derby Extra (2nd shave)

I forgot to shake out my brush before applying, so it started off very runny and I thought I was going to have to start over, but it soon recovered and turned into a nice lather. There was still plenty for a second pass too. Reasonable slickness between passes. The blade was better this time than the first, although I felt it when I switched to ATG, and it left me with plenty of nicks. The finish was average at best, with the few good spots more of an anomaly compared to the rest.

Used with: Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless (3rd shave)

My usual soak, shake and face lather worked well again. I got plenty for two passes. I also felt a strong cooling effect from the menthol, which was quite pleasant. It left a reasonable level of slickness behind. The was no discomfort from the blade, but I did get a few nicks and a little bit of dryness. The end result wasn’t the best I’ve had, but was very good, and not just in patches.


Despite its reputation, I wasn’t blown away during my first couple of uses. It soon grew to be one my go-to creams for testing a new blade though, as I knew any fault wouldn’t be with the cream. It may not leave the same amount of slickness after each pass as some, but it’s a product I look forward to using.

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Last updated: June 6, 2014