Rapira Super Stainless Blades

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Rapira Super Stainless

Rapira are a Russian brand that produce a wide range of blades.

1st blade > 1st shave
Boots Cool Cologne Lather Shave Cream

No drag, but it did leave me with a few nicks and a weeper. This could have been down to the shave cream (and/or my technique). I had to go over the usual areas after my second pass. While the end result felt fairly smooth, it wasn’t as close as some of the other blades I’ve used.

1st blade > 2nd shave
Groomed Shave Cream

Started off okay, but the blade scraped rather than sliced through my stubble. I had to touch up a few areas after two passes, and was left with half-a-dozen nicks, none too serious. Again, end result was smooth, but not as close as that from other blades, and definitely a bit patchy.

2nd blade > 1st shave
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Collection Shaving Cream

It felt reasonably smooth throughout, though I did pick up several nicks and a little irritation. After touching up I was left with a generally smooth finish, not quite BBS, but close in places.

2nd blade > 2nd shave
The Real Shaving Co. Sensitive Shave Cream Classic

Going WTG felt smooth-ish, a slight tug perhaps, but it was a bit harsher when I switched to ATG, on my neck at least. I didn’t pick up many nicks, but the end result was patchy, with some very smooth spots and others decidedly average.

2nd blade > 3rd shave
Edwin Jagger Sandlewood Soap

Pulled when I went WTG, and scraped nastily when I swapped to ATG. I picked up a number of nicks, especially on my neck, though they were sealed by the cold water at the end of my shave. The end result was a bit patchy, with some BBS areas on my cheeks, generally close elsewhere, but a few rough patches.

2nd blade > 4th shave
Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap

Less tugging WTG, but I still picked up a few nicks low on my neck. Harsh when going ATG though. I did a bit more touching up that usual, which left me with a weeper. The end result was pretty good though, generally smooth, with some significant BBS areas, though the odd patchy area too.


Not the smoothest experience, but the blade generally left me with a good finish. It wasn’t always the most consistent end result though.

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Last updated: June 27, 2014