RazoRock Don Marco Shave Soap

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RazoRock Don Marco

RazoRock are a brand I’d heard plenty about, but were only available in the US. Not any more.

Used with: Schick Premium (3rd shave)

I was very excited to try RazoRock and I picked this particular soap from their range because it got solid reviews from lots of people. I have a couple of other RR products to try too. The scent is strong, it’s not citrusy, but certainly a tangy, fruity smell. It’s a soft soap, but I opted to use a bristle brush over my usual badger. Loading was easy and it was quick to lather, although it wasn’t the thickest or densest I’ve produced. The slickness it left behind was good, but not the best I’ve had. I was forced to do a lot of touching up, which may have been the reason I picked up so many nicks, including a couple of weepers. Post shave feel was good, leaving my skin smooth and soft. Not bad for a first use, but not quite top drawer.

Used with: Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (1st shave)

I loaded for about 20 seconds, using my badger this time. Lather for the first pass was easy to generate, although it seemed to leave only an average amount of slickness behind. I had to work up enough for the second pass and it began to break down before I’d finished. Better slickness after it though. The blade was smooth and I only picked up a couple of nicks while touching up. The end result was a little patchy, and not BBS at its best. Post shave feel was good again.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (3rd shave)

I soaked the top of the puck this time, then loaded for about 30 seconds, using my badger brush. Plenty of lather for two passes and a lot of touch-up. Slickness was averge after the first pass, and seemed worse after the second. I was left nick free though. The blade, as is its norm, was rough, pulling from the start, but it did seem to settle down as I went. The finish was a little patchy, the result of a lot of extra work after the second pass, but was generally close, and BBS in places. My skin was left soft and smooth.

Used with: Treet Platinum Super Stainless (1st shave)

I again soaked the puck, and loaded for close to 30 seconds, but opted for my boar brush. Lather exploded off it and I had tons for two passes and touching up. Slickness was great after each pass. I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation, despite the blade feeling like it was tugging. The finish was generally smooth, but with the odd patch, despite my efforts in some areas. Nice post shave again, and liking the scent too.

Used with: Gillette Nacet Stainless (1st shave)

Opting for badger this time, I soaked the puck and went for the usual 30 seconds. It didn’t lather quite as quickly as my previous shave, but I think I had more moisture as I got a much wetter lather than usual, which didn’t seem to provide the same slickness. Having said that, I only picked up nicks when touching up, and there was plenty of it. The blade felt sharp, and while the end result was generally smooth, I did have some patches around my jawline and mouth. Good post shave feel though, which meant it offered a nice soft finish, though not BBS.


I was a little underwhelmed at first, but it quickly grew on me, and the performance was hard to argue with. I’m not sure it would top my list, but it would certainly rank highly. It’s easy to lather, provides a good amount of slickness, and a great post shave feel. The scent is nice and refreshing, but not the sort of thing you’d want to be smelling of all day. You can’t argue with the price, and it certainly performs as well, if not better, than some more expensive options. If I could find one with a more alluring scent, I’d happily use it every day.

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Last updated: October 31, 2014