RazoRock XX Aftershave Milk

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Razorock XX Aftershave Milk

Another from the RR line, which I picked up as a result of the scent from the soap.

I’m not entirely sure who decides what is classed as a cream, a balm, a lotion or milk. I assumed it would come down to consistency, with the heavier edging towards a cream, while the runnier gets classed as a milk. Not so in this case.

This is a thick, viscous balm, as thick as any of the others I have tried. It goes on well, is absorbed quickly and doesn’t feel particularly greasy.

I bought it because of the fragrance. I love the scent of the XX soap and this is exactly the same, offering a wonderful, pungent bouquet that lingers well.

The only negative is the container. It comes in a small bottle with a push up lid (press down one side to expose the spout, push it back down to close). I found that, after dishing out what I wanted, closing the lid shot a small quantity across the room. I also found balm got trapped in the spout and dried out, turning into a sticky, oily mess that looked unpleasant. Not that it affects the cream’s performance.


A good performer, with a (for me) great scent. I’m not a massive fan of the container, but I can live with it. Price wise, it’s perhaps a little steep compared to the £3 balms that I have found do the job well. Compare it to the likes of T&H though and it starts to look like a bargain. A classy product that is worth it when you want to treat yourself.

Updated: I’ve dropped three points off this as, after I’d had it a while (not sure when it started, but not long after having bought it), it turned an off-white colour (think Hollandaise sauce) and the smell was rancid as well.

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Last updated: December 15, 2018