Simpsons Vanilla & Rose Luxury Shaving Cream

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Simpsons Vanilla & Rose Shaving Cream

Another company that is better known for its brushes, having been at it for nearly a century.

Used with: Personna Med Prep (4th shave)

I scooped out some cream, which has the consistency of a stiff mousse, and loaded using my badger brush. No problems producing a nice thick lather and I had plenty of two passes and touch-ups. Slickness felt good but my face was still a bloodbath. The blade had been bad for the preceding shaves, so I blame that. My neck felt rough (and tender) but wasn’t too bad, with only the odd patch. My jawline wasn’t great, but above that was smooth. Large areas were BBS. My top lip had some irritation and yet I still had a couple of stray hairs around my mouth. Post shave feel was good. The scent was dominated by the rose, which is the strong, sweet kind that’s like Turkish Delight. A bit of a mixed shave, but good.

Used with: Bolzano Superinox (2nd shave)

Again, the amount of cream I could extract on a finger tip was enough to produce plenty of lather, using my boar brush this time. I had to add some water to thin it down. Slickness was good but it didn’t prevent me picking up a handful of small nicks. There were some rough areas on my neck, but it was generally pretty good, my jawline too. I had a few rough spots around my mouth but otherwise my face was very good, though only the odd place made BBS. Post shave feel was nice. A very good shave.

Used with: Astra Superior Platinum (1st shave)

I went with my badger and scooped out some cream using my little finger. I had enough for my usual routine but it was a little bit of a stretch. The first pass was still thick enough to clog my blade. Good slickness once again, although I did pick up a couple of nicks. They were all sealed before I finished. My neck and jawline were a little patchy. I also missed an area on my top lip, despite going over it three times. The rest of my face was either BBS or close to it. Great post shave feel too. Another very good shave, without the patchiness it would have been great.

Used with: Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless (3rd shave)

Again with my badger and again a small amount was all I needed. I did find I had to work a fair bit to build it, using a few dips of water to really make it shine. Slickness was pretty good and I didn’t pick up any nicks. I did a bit more touching up than usual, determined to get a super smooth finish. My neck was definitely better than usual, but still had to odd patch. My jawline was similar. My cheeks were smooth, but only the odd patch may it to BBS ATG. Generally the finish around my mouth was good, but my top lip wasn’t quite as good as usual. Post shave feel was nice. The scent hit me when I opened the tin, but I didn’t notice it after that. A very good shave.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (2nd shave)

I scooped a slightly larger amount out this time (unintentionally) which my badger brush turned into plenty of lather. A few dips of the bristles produced glossy peaks. I made sure to rinse regularly to prevent clogging though. Slickness felt good but I did pick up a couple of small nicks, which sealed themselves before I finished shaving. My neck was very good in places but was also a little patchy. The finish was better on my jawline, better than usual too. Above that was a fantastic finish. Not quite BBS ATG, it was nonetheless very smooth and patch free with a nice, soft feel. I didn’t really notice the fragrance at all this time. A great shave.


It’s a very different consistency to anything else I’ve used, more mousse than cream. I like the container, not enough soaps/creams come in a good tin, most rely on plastic pots. None of that would have mattered if the performance wasn’t up to the task and it so was.┬áThe fragrance, while strong initially, didn’t come through in the shave or linger at all and, although the slickness seemed okay, the protection didn’t seem up there with the best. A solid performer that’s available at a reasonable price. It just didn’t make it into my top tier.

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Last updated: July 29, 2015