Speick Men Shave Cream

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Speick Men shave cream

A product from Germany and following their tradition (it seems) for sticking to a very limited range of scents.

Used with: Used with: Schick Premium (4th shave)

Picked this up as a fellow reviewer put it in their top ten, that and it pushed me over the value to get some free blades. Unusual tube, designed to be vertical and very narrow. The smell is very spicy, with a warm, peppery note. I like it. Not sure I loaded correctly on the first pass, even adding water. Not much slickness left behind, and there was so little lather left on the brush I added more product before attempting my second pass. That left a much better layer behind, but I still picked up a lot of nicks (starting with the first pass, which is unusual). By the end of my touch-up phase it was a horror show. I was also left with a lot of irritation. The end result was patchy, but close to BBS on my cheeks. Post shave feel was good too.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (2nd shave)

I used a bit more this time, wary of not having enough, and face lathered. I still seemed to struggle, both to produce any volume and with how much was left for subsequent passes. Turned out I had plenty for a second pass, with leftovers for touching up too. The smell is reminiscent of a foodstuff, peppery and warm, not unpleasant, but not a scent I’d crave either. It mentions having lavender in it, but I couldn’t pick that up. A reasonable amount of slickness after the first pass, but much better after the second. The blade tugged, but I had no irritation, and while it required a lot of touching up, the finish was generally good too (just a little patchy).

Used with: Lord Platinum Class (1st shave)

I managed to produce plenty of lather for two passes and touch-ups. The peppery scent was noticeable at the start, but soon became unnoticeable. Slickness was generally good after each pass, certainly after the second. The blade was smooth and I was left with no nicks or irritation. The finish wasn’t pefect. It was a little patchy on my neck, and not quite BBS, but it was generally smooth and cleared some of the harder areas fine.

Used with: Lord Super Stainless (3rd shave)

Once again I produced plenty of lather, although I had to work it a fair bit, and add some water. This time I noticed the lavender a bit more. Slickness was a bit more average, but I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation. That was probably due to the blade though, which required almost an entire third pass and still left rough patches. Where it was close it was wonderfully smooth and soft though, and I managed BBS in a couple of places.

Used with: Treet Platinum Super Stainless (1st shave)

It took a bit more water to build the lather, but once again it was very good. Slickness was also good and the only nicks I picked up were during touch up, which were the result of a lot of extra work, especially around my mouth. The finish was generally smooth, with only the odd patch on my neck, but a couple of areas crept into BBS. I don’t dislike the spicy scent, but it’s not something I’d reach for. It quickly disappears when you lather, leaving you with the lavender, which is another fragrance I’m not too keen on. Still, a very good shave.


Took me a few shaves to find the right balance, but when I did it was a reasonable performer. The initial scent isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t impact on the shave, let alone post. If you like lavender then this would be fine. I didn’t dislike the product, but it isn’t something that would make my regular rotation (if I had one).

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Last updated: December 1, 2014