Sputnik Blades

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This one has a more obvious link to the Russian space program. Also Teflon coated like the Voskhod’s.

1st blade > 1st shave
Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10 Finest Shave Cream

I could feel how sharp the blade was from the outset. The end result was a mixture, with patches that were very smooth, but areas that weren’t. I also picked up a few nicks (one of which was my fault) and some irritation on my top lip. Not a bad finish all-in-all.

1st blade > 2nd shave
Arko Shave Cream (Moist)

The blade sliced cleanly throughout, and although I picked up a couple of small nicks low down on my neck (which sealed themselves before I finished) and some irritation on my top lip, it was a comfortable shave. The end result wasn’t quite as smooth ATG as with some, especially around my jaw, but was generally a very good finish.

2nd blade > 1st shave
Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shaving Cream

A smooth shave, but I did pick up a few small nicks, despite a good lather. I did my usual amount of touching up, and I finished with a close shave, though not quite BBS. I had the odd rougher patch, largely limited to the tricky spots. All in all a good shave.

2nd blade > 2nd shave
Haslinger Coconut Shaving Soap

Felt good throughout the shave, but I did pick up a couple of nicks, one a weeper. That was probably down to some overzealous toucing up. Soap produced a good lather for both passes and slickness seemed good. I didn’t seem to require as much touching up as with some recent blades. End result wasn’t quite BBS, but was smooth, with only the odd rougher patch on my neck. A very good shave.

2nd blade > 3rd shave
Groomed Shave Cream

I got a good, thick lather that seemed to offer plenty of cushioning and slickness. The only time the blade struggled was when I switched to ATG on my neck. I picked up a couple of nicks. It felt like I had to do a bit more touching up that is usually necessary. The end result was smooth though, with few rough patches, although not BBS.

2nd blade > 4th shave
Mitchell’s Wool Fat

I thought the blade was going off the boil towards the end of the last shave, so I played it safe with a guaranteed lather producer. It seemed to work, although I still picked up several nicks, though none too serious, and some irritation on my top lip. The end result was pretty good, though it did leave a few patches, despite my usual touching up routine. Not BBS where it was best either.


Another solid performance from a Russian blade, although not quite close enough to vault it into the top ranks. They’re usually available at a good price, so offer a bargain, and these didn’t seem to fall away as some of the other Russian blades have over the course of a week. Not sure I’d reach for them over others though.

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Last updated: September 13, 2014