The Piccadilly Shaving Co. Sandalwood Shaving Cream

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Piccadilly Shaving Co. Sandalwood Shave Cream

This is the other scent available from this shaving company, how does it compare to all the others?

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (4th shave)

I scooped out a good glob of cream and face lathered using my badger brush. I had no problem producing a good lather with a few dips of water. Slickness felt good but I picked up more than a few nicks, only a few hung around past the end of the shave though. My neck was pretty good, with only the odd patch up near my jawline. My face was smooth, but I had a rough area on my chin. A few areas made it to BBS ATG, but they were rare. Post shave wasn’t bad but I did find it very drying. It seemed to irritate my skin a little too. The scent was strong and I picked it up throughout, a sweet version of sandalwood compared to some. A good shave.

Used with: Lord Platinum Class (1st shave)

I used my badger brush again, with a generous amount of cream so lather was no problem, although it did clog the blade a bit. Slickness felt good but I ended up with a ton of nicks, few serious and most were sealed by the cold water stage. My neck was pretty good, but with patches close to and on my jawline. My face was nice and smooth with only a few stray hairs around my mouth and a patch on my chin. Only the odd place made BBS ATG though. Post shave was pretty good with no drying or irritation this time. The scent was strong at the start but I didn’t notice it much during the shave. It loitered afterwards. Not the best experience, but a good end result.

Used with: Bolzano Superinox (2nd shave)

Opting for my boar brush this time, I used a small amount of cream to produce a good lather. Slickness felt okay towards good but I did pick up a pair of nicks. My neck was pretty good, with the only real patches coming near my jawline, despite me giving it some special attention. I had a small rough patch on my chin but the rest of my face was nice and smooth. Nowhere quite made it to BBS ATG though. Post shave feel was nice. I got a good dose of the fragrance when I opened the tub but it died down during the shave, though I did get the occasional whiff. It hung around afterwards too. A good shave.

Used with: Personna Med Prep (3rd shave)

I went back to my badger and a small amount of cream quickly developed into a good lather. I used some water to thin it out but it still clogged my blade on the first pass. Slickness felt good but I picked up a few nicks, none serious. I still had the odd patch on my neck, but it was a closer finish than usual. I had the usual roughness on my jawline despite giving it extra attention. I had a couple of rough spots in the nooks around my mouth but otherwise my face was smooth. There was a little irritation on my top lip. I don’t think anywhere quite made it to BBS ATG but most places weren’t far off. The fragrance was with me at the start but soon vanished though it did linger very subtley. A very good shave.

Used with: Super-Max Stainless (4th shave)

Using a tiny amount of cream and my boar brush I was quickly able to build a good lather. I needed some water to thin it out a little. The blade tugged a bit during the first pass. Slickness was good but I picked up a couple of tiny nicks, both were sealed by cold water. My neck was pretty good but still had some patches of roughness. Same with my jawline. While my face was generally smooth I had some rough areas around my mouth and chin. Nowhere quite made it to BBS ATG though. Post shave feel was pretty good. The scent wasn’t the strongest this time, but it was definitely present and lingered post shave too. I did find I had a little ‘zing’ afterwards, although I couldn’t decide if this was irritation or dryness (the skin felt fine). A pretty good shave.


Sandalwood scents are ten-a-penny when it comes to shaving products, it’s the one scent that practically every company has in their line-up. They’re all different though and this is no exception. Although close to the TOBS sandalwood, it’s not the same (at least to my nose), yet has a similar sweet smell. It’s nice. As a fan of the scent I wasn’t left wanting.

In terms of performance, it did the job, although I failed to get any truly outstanding shaves. That may have been to do with the combinations used as anything else though. I will say that I sometimes found it left me with some dryness or mild irritation, not uncommon with sandalwood creams from what I have read, especially those with a bit more poke. So something to bear in mind if you have sensitive skin.

No problems with lathering, making it a solid performer rather than an outstanding one.

Disclosure: I was sent this as a free sample by The Piccadilly Shaving Co.

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Last updated: October 10, 2015