Truefitt & Hill Grafton Shaving Cream

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T&H Grafton Shave Cream

Another from the T&H range, although this is a younger scent, having only been introduced in 1983.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (pink/blue/black) (1st shave)

I used my badger to produce the lather and I had no problem providing a good coating. Slickness was average, but it seemed to do the job. I did pick up several nicks, but not until the touch-up phase. The end result was fairly patchy, with some good spots, but nowhere was BBS. The scent is light and subtle, quite masculine, with a woody note. Still not convinced about the performance of these creams, but probably my favourite scent of the ones I’ve tried so far.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (pink/blue/black) (2nd shave)

I used a bit more cream this time, and got a better lather, although I still had to apply more water, and work it up for the second pass. It left a good amount of slickness after each. Once again, I had to do a lot of touching up, more than with most blades. I only picked up a couple of small nicks though. My jawline remained patchy, but the rest was pretty good. I’d go so far as to say BBS on my top lip, though nowhere else was that close. Still liking the scent, which is almost like cologne. It was stronger on the cream this time, but the associated balm is very subtle, like it needs the volume turned up. Not perfect, but still a very good shave.

Used with: Personna Platinum Chrome Super Stainless (1st shave)

The lather required a bit more water once again, they seem to be quite thirsty. While I had enough for two passes and touch-up I did find that, as with other T&H creams, it started to dissipate very quickly. When I was touching up it became a race against time. Good slickness left behind though, and I didn’t pick up any nicks. One side of my neck and my jawline was a little patchy, and I didn’t quite get all of the stubble around my mouth, but the finish was generally good, though not quite BBS. The scent was strong again. A good shave.

Used with: Personna Platinum Chrome Super Stainless (2nd shave)

I used up the last of the sachet, so had plenty for two passes and a round of touching up. Once again it started to breakdown during my second pass. I picked up a ton of nicks, many that were significant. I also had some irritation on my top lip. I did get a great shave though. Aside from the odd patch, the finish was BBS in places.


The creams are all the same it seems, so I was expecting similar results, and that’s what I got. The main concern is still that it disintegrates very quickly. I’ve nudged this one up one star as I like the scent so much, it’s almost a cologne in its own right.

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Last updated: November 15, 2014