Vitos (Green) Shaving Soap

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Vitos (Green) Shaving Soap

A slight variation on an Italian staple that I have previously reviewed.

Used with: Van der Hagen Ice Tempered Stainless (3rd shave)

I have a large block and I simply unwrapped one end and loaded from it dry using a shaken out badger brush. It didn’t look like I had enough after thirty seconds. Dipping the bristles, I managed to get a reasonable coating for my first pass. I fell down at the second and went back to the source to reload for a further twenty seconds. Slickness on the first pass was okay. It got better on the second but still didn’t blow me away. I picked up a few small nicks, they were so minor they sealed themselves before I finished. My neck was pretty good, and even my jawline was improved over usual, but I did have a rough spot. Nice and smooth WTG on my face. ATG was good too, with nothing but minor resistance. Nowhere made it to BBS, though there was a spot that went close. Post shave feel was dry, but otherwise okay. I got a whiff of the almond scent at the start and could detect it during the shave went I was playing attention. Just about a very good shave.

Used with: Croma Diamant Stainless (1st shave)

I again loaded straight from the block, this time using a shaken out boar brush. I had to add water for the first pass and, once again, I found I struggled for the second. So I went back to the block and loaded for an additional twenty seconds. I then had enough. Slickness was pretty average. I picked up a few nicks, but they were sealed by the time I reached cold water. My neck didn’t feel particularly smooth but the only real roughness was in the usual problem areas. No issues WTG on my face, but it wasn’t especially smooth either. There was plenty of resistance ATG, I’d go so far as to call it rough. Post shave feel was okay, although a little dry. I don’t remember picking up the fragrance at all. An average shave.

Used with: The Bluebeards Revenge blades (2nd shave)

I loaded for thirty seconds using my synthetic brush. Suds poured off it and I had more than enough for my usual routine. Slickness felt okay but didn’t prevent me picking up a few small nicks, though they were all sealed by the time I got to cold water. My neck was largely good but my trouble-spots were even rougher than usual. No problems WTG on my face. ATG I had resistance almost everywhere, but nothing too bad. There were a couple of places where it tipped over into actual roughness. Post shave feel was poor. Dry and not soft at all. I didn’t pick up any fragrance. A pretty good shave.

Used with: Gillette Stainless (2nd shave)

I loaded for thirty seconds with my synthetic brush but could quickly tell I didn’t have enough. I did my first pass and then went back to load for an additional twenty seconds, which gave me plenty. Slickness wasn’t great on the first application but improved. It wasn’t enough to stop me picking up plenty of nicks though. Only one survived to the end. I also had some irritation on my top lip. Aside from the usual trouble-spots, my neck was pretty good. It was a little raw though. WTG my face was smooth. ATG was good too, with minimal resistance and no real roughness. Post shave feel was soft but very dry. I don’t recall the fragrance at all. A very good result but only a good shave.

Used with: Croma Diamant Stainless (4th shave)

I dipped the end of the block in the sink for a few seconds as I wet my synthetic brush before loading for thirty seconds. That provided more than enough lather for three passes. Slickness felt good throughout. The only nicks I picked up were down to me chasing perfection during touch-ups. Even the usual trouble spots were improved on my neck, which was generally close. Nice and smooth WTG on my face. There was the odd patch of resistance ATG but no real roughness. Nowhere got to BBS though. Post shave was soft but dry. I had some discomfort on my top lip. Don’t recall a fragrance at all. A very good shave.


This differs from the ‘red’ Extra Super version in that it doesn’t contain additional glycerine (or coconut oil, depending on who you believe). I think it makes a difference.

I’ve not encountered a soap where, loading from it dry, I had to return to load for additional time so often. It seemed to benefit from being bloomed (or my equivalent for the block I had).

Slickness and protection were merely okay, meaning I picked up nicks, though these we usually small.

I got a good whiff of the fragrance, the classic marzipan familiar of many Italian soaps, on the first use but not after that. This wasn’t stored in a sealed container, which may account for that.

A perfectly acceptable performer, but I think the ‘red’ variant is better and even that lagged behind Cella for me.

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Last updated: May 7, 2017