West Shaving Products Mahogany Rustic Shaving Soap

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WSP Mahogany Rustic Shaving Soap

A scent named after a wood.

Another quick review of a line I’ve looked at in-depth.

Used with: The Bluebeards Revenge blades (4th shave)

I briefly soaked it before loading for thirty seconds with my synthetic brush. I had tons of lather. Great slickness but it didn’t prevent me picking up a few nicks, largely around the outer edges. Cold water sealed them all. Aside from my usual trouble-spots, my neck was good. WTG my face was nice and smooth. Minimal resistance ATG and no roughness. Post shave feel was nice, but a little dry. The fragrance was nice, it’s sweet but with some richness and depth. I liked it and it stayed with me throughout the shave. A very good shave.


The fragrance is described as “a little sweet, a little spicy, and a lot of sexy” and that seems to describe the combination of mahogany, vanilla and other scents. I enjoyed it and was able to get some of the components. It’s also strong enough to stay with you during the shave.

Obviously this was just one shave, but it lived up to my experience with other soaps in this line.

It proved very easy to lather, offered good slickness — although not perfect — and allowed me to get a good end result. Post shave feel was pretty good too.

It wasn’t perfect but this is another good entry in their stable.

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Last updated: September 16, 2017