Wet Shaving Products Babershop Rustic Shaving Soap

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Wet Shaving Products Barbershop Rustic Shaving Soap

Not sure what a barbershop smells like, but this is (apparently) it.

A quick review of a product I have looked at in more detail previously.

Used with: Personna Q-Ball Platinun Plus (4th use)

I plopped the sample in the sink as I wet my whiskers. And they were whiskers for this as I actually hadn’t bothered to shave the day before (almost unheard of). Loading for thirty seconds using my synthetic brush produced tons of lather; way more than I needed for my usual routine, even though I opted to do more touch-ups. Slickness didn’t seem all that impressive, and I did pick up a few tiny nicks, but none lasted the shave. My neck was generally very good, with any roughness limited to my usual trouble-spots. WTG my face was nice and smooth. There was some resistance ATG, but nothing really rough. Nowhere made it to BBS though. Post shave feel was soft but a bit dry. I got a whiff of the barbershop scent when I opened the tin and as I wet it, but don’t recall it after that. A very good shave.


As I have come to expect from WSP, this provided another decent shave. It produces tons of lather with very little effort. It offers enough slip to protect during the shave. And it typically helps me get a good end result.

Also inline with the other variants were the lack of scent (works in the tin, doesn’t seem to translate into the shave) and a slight disappointment in the post shave.

Still another solid hitter though.

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Last updated: March 4, 2018