Wet Shaving Products Blackbeard Shaving Soap

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Wet Shaving Products Blackbeard Rustic Shaving Soap

Another fragrance from the US line.

This is a quick review of a variation on a soap I have already looked at in detail.

Used with: Croma Diamant Stainless (3rd shave)

I soaked it as I filled the sink, then loaded for thirty seconds using my synthetic brush. I didn’t think I had enough paste but adding a drop of water caused an explosion of lather, giving me tons. Slickness felt okay but I did pick up a few nicks, nothing substantial and closed by cold water. My neck was very good save for some roughness in my usual trouble spots. WTG my face was nice and smooth. ATG was generally very good, but I did have some resistance and one patch of roughness. Post shave feel was pretty good, but dry. I don’t recall picking up the fragrance at all. A good shave.


Once again, good performance with absolutely no issues building a fine amount of lather with excellent consistency. Slickness didn’t feel particularly good but was enough to prevent any major nicks.

The scent profile supposedly includes tobacco, cherry, vanilla and cloves among others. I can certainly get the hint of cherry in the tin, that seems to dominate. It’s a nice fragrance but I lost it during the shave.

As with others in this line, a strong performer, if less so in the scent department.

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Last updated: September 30, 2017