Wet Shaving Products Vetiver Rustic Shaving Soap

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Wet Shaving Products Vetiver Shaving Soap

Another travel size sample from WSP.

This is a quick review of a product I have previously looked at in more detail.

Used with: Kai Stainless Steel Blades (2nd shave)

I lathered up with my synthetic brush. I wasn’t sure if I had loaded enough after thirty seconds but it quickly turned into plenty of lather. Slickness was pretty good but didn’t stop me picking up a few nicks. Nothing major but one or two survived past cold water. Aside from the usual trouble-spots, my neck was nice and close. WTG my face was smooth. ATG was good too, although I had some resistance in a few places, bordering on roughness in some areas. A couple of areas went close to BBS as well. Post shave feel was nice and soft. I don’t recall detecting the fragrance during use, but was able to pick it up when I had my nose close to the puck. To me, it just smells like a cologne, much like the other WSP soaps. A very good shave.


Based on this one review, the soap worked really well. Although I picked up a few nicks, I put this down to a sharp blade and my desire to go over some areas a few too many times.

The post shave felt really good, as I’ve come to expect from WSP. Generating lather was really easy as well.

This is the vetiver fragrance, but I can’t detect any under the general cologne-like scent that all WSP soaps seem to have. Even though it’s quite potent on the puck, I couldn’t pick it up during shaves.

Another good entry from WSP though.

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Last updated: January 17, 2018