Wickham 1912 Citrus Musk Shaving Soap

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Wickham 1912 Citrus Musk Shaving Soap

Another fragrance from their vegetal soap offering.

This is a short review of a product I have previously looked at in-depth.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (4th shave)

I soaked the sample as I filled the sink, then loaded with my synthetic brush. I had plenty of lather for my usual routine. Slickness didn’t impress particularly, but I only picked up a solitary nick, which was sealed by cold water. The extra lather meant I could target the trouble-spots on my neck. They were still a little rough but not as bad as usual. My neck was generally pretty good. No issues WTG on my face, nice and smooth. ATG wasn’t bad either with no real roughness, just some minor resistance. Nowhere made it to BBS though. Post shave feel was pretty good, soft but a touch dry. Not quite up with the best but more than passable. The fragrance was strong at the start and was detectable throughout. It’s a nice scent, reminiscent of Windsor by D.R. Harris. A very good shave.


As ever, a single shave makes it hard to form a solid opinion, but this seemed to follow my previous experiences.

It was quick and easy to lather, producing plenty for an enjoyable shave. Slickness felt pretty average, but I only picked up a single nick so did the job as far as protection went.

The fragrance is quite complex but very pleasant, mixing the citrus high notes with heavier musk undertones to provide a nice balance. It’s strong enough to provide a good companion too. Certainly my favourite of the two fragrances I have tried.

Post shave feel wasn’t as good as some other soaps. It was by no means bad, but wasn’t quite as outstanding as I expected.

Another solid entry from Wickham, proving once again that artisans can compete with anything else out there.

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Last updated: November 11, 2017