Wickham Super Smooth Club Cola Shaving Soap

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Wickham Super Smooth Club Cola

Another from the Wickham stable, and one of their signature scents.

Used with: Feather (4th shave)

I decanted some from my sample container to a dish. A shaken dry badger brush and thirty┬áseconds was plenty to produce a ton of lather. Slickness was good and the blade felt fine, but I picked up a lot of nicks. That may (partly) have been down to extra time spent going over areas during the touch-up phase (it was a weekend, so I had the time, plus plenty of lather). The finish was very good. I was left smooth with no patches. Most places didn’t quite make it to BBS, but it was close. Post shave feel was very good. The fragrance isn’t what I was expecting. It certainly doesn’t smell like cola to me, it’s very light, more vanilla I felt. It’s pleasant though. A great shave.

Used with: Shark Super Chrome (2nd shave)

Loading off dry soap with a shaken out badger brush, I was initially worried I hadn’t picked up anywhere near enough, but a little bit of work caused a blooming of lather and I had plenty for two passes and touch-ups. Slickness was good between passes and I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation. I had the odd patch, mainly around my mouth, but was generally left smooth, if not quite BBS. The scent, despite being called cola, is actually closer to lemonade. It’s very sweet, with a high citrus note and the tang of carbonation. It’s nice, but not something I find enticing to shave with. Fantastic post shave feel. All in all a great shave.

Used with: Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus (1st shave)

I used my boar brush this time, loading off a dry puck again. Producing lather was no problem. Slickness was good too and I picked up zero nicks. Despite spending the usual amount of time on touching up I was left a little patchy. Large parts of my face were smooth, but nowhere made it into BBS territory. Having said that, post-shave feel was pleasant and it was far from a bad shave. In fact, it was a perfectly good shave, aside from the odd patch.

Used with: Ladas (3rd shave)

A shaken dry boar brush and thirty seconds was enough to produce tons of lather. Slickness felt good, but the blade was pretty rough, not tugging so much, but it felt dull. I only picked up a couple of nicks though, late in my touch-up phase. The finish was very smooth, although it didn’t quite make it to BBS. Post shave feel was good, though perhaps not quite on a par with the usual performance from this soap. Still a very good shave.

Used with: Shark Super Stainless (2nd shave)

Back to my badger brush this time and the usual thirty seconds resulted in a heap of lather, although I did need to add a little bit more water. Nice slickness meant I didn’t pick up any nicks. Despite my usual amount of touching up I was left a little patchy and where it was smooth it didn’t make BBS. Post shave feel was average. Not a bad shave, but not a great one.


Although it’s called cola, I found the scent — described as citrus, vanilla and caramel — to be very tangy, more like lemonade. It’s certainly bursting with energy and very uplifting, but not the sort of thing I’m looking for in a shaving soap. As ever, the product performed well, although didn’t hit some of the highs of previous samples, but that’s likely down to the blades. Lather was never an issue, neither was slickness, but post-shave feel was a little below what I’ve come to expect. Still a great experience with excellent performance.

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Last updated: April 15, 2015