Wickham Super Smooth Sheridan’s Shaving Soap

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Wickham Super Smooth Sheridan's

An intriguing description of the fragrance led me to pick this one as my next sample.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (4th shave)

This was an unfair test. I decanted some of my sample into another container and was left with soap stuck to some of my digits. I lathered off that tiny amount. It’s quite impressive that my boar brush was able to turn that into enough for two passes and touch-ups. It didn’t have the usual cushioning though and I picked up a lot of nicks. None too serious. The finish wasn’t perfect, especially on my neck and jaw, but the rest was good, with several areas making it to BBS. The fragrance has a complex description, but to my nose it smelled very similar to the Spice Trade I had previously tried. A nice dense smell that lingered well. A good shave despite the challenges.

Used with: Super-Max Super Platinum (1st shave)

I loaded a bit more normally this time, but I’m not sure I loaded as much as usual though as it was more work to build a decent lather. That said, I managed enough for two passes and touch-ups. The blade felt sharp and, while slickness was good (but not great) I only picked up a single nick. This is one of my middle-ranked blades and it showed in the finish, which was patchy and not close to BBS ATG. WTG my face felt smooth and soft though. The scent it thick and heady, not bad, but not something that floats my boat. Not a bad shave, but not a good one.

Used with: Polsilver Super Iridium (3rd shave)

Sprinkling a few drops of water on top, I loaded with my boar brush. The usual thirty seconds produced plenty of lather with minimal effort. Slickness felt good this time, but I did pick up several nicks. The finish was a bit patchy, even above my jawline. A couple of areas reached BBS, but these were few and far between. My skin was left feeling soft. The fragrance has grown on me, but it’s still not something I’d crave. A good shave.

Used with: Rapira Platinum Lux (2nd shave)

I loaded with my boar brush for the usual thirty seconds, but it took a bit more effort than usual to build the lather and I didn’t have as much during my final phase, so I assume I didn’t load as much as usual. Slickness wasn’t bad and I picked up a solitary nick. The finish was a bit patchy on my neck, not bad above the jawline, but I still had some rougher around my mouth. Post shave feel wasn’t bad, but not as good as some. The scent was present, but didn’t really sway me one way or the other.

Used with: Voskhod (3rd shave)

I went with my boar again and tried to make sure I had loaded enough, although lather still took a bit longer to produce. I did get plenty for my usual routine though. I picked up a handul of nicks, mainly on my jawline. My neck was as good a shave as I have ever had, with no patches except on my jaw. I had a couple of areas make it into BBS territory, but the rest was just smooth. Nice post shave feel. A great shave.


Definite similarities to another Wickham soap, Spice Trade, as far as scent goes. It’s not entirely to my taste but is a thick, complex fragrance that certainly doesn’t offend. Looking back, this sample didn’t seem to perform as well as previous ones, until the last shave where it pulled it all out. That was possibly down to some ineffectual loading by me (off of, frankly, a minuscule amount of soap). So a good performer as with all the Wickham soaps I have tried so far, just need to find my favourite scent.

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Last updated: May 22, 2015