Wickham Super Smooth Spice Trade

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Wickham Super Smooth Spice Trade

Another one from the Hampshire-based soap maker, this time their homage to the original Old Spice scent.

Used with: Rapira Swedish Supersteel (4th shave)

I put a small amount (I scooped some out with one finger) into a bowl and lathered off it with my badger brush (didn’t wet the soap). Lather exploded off it and I only loaded for twenty seconds. That produced plenty of lather for two passes and plenty of touch-ups. It’s one of the easiest soaps to lather I’ve used. Nice slickness between passes and I picked up a solitary nick, which was sealed by cold water. The finish was nice and smooth, almost BBS across my whole face, with no patches around my mouth. It wasn’t 100% perfect on my neck, by was very good. The scent is described as an Old Spice tribute. I’ve not used Old Spice, but this has a great scent, nice and strong, slightly sweet. It’s very different to anything else I have and great to shave with. Post shave feel was good, leaving me soft and smooth. A very good shave.

Used with: Personna Lab Blue (2nd shave)

Building lather off the small amount I had previously pressed into a bowl with my badger brush, I elected not to wet the soap (and had wrung out the brush). I didn’t load for too long and still had enough for two passes plus touch-ups (which are turning into a third pass and then some). I did have to work a fair bit to build the lather though, especially for my second pass. Slickness between passes was poor too. I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation though. The finish was impressive. BBS across a lot of my face and close most everywhere else. It wasn’t perfect, in that there were some patches on my neck, but not many. The caramel scent was present again, though not quite as strong. I was left soft and smooth. A great shave.

Used with: Rapira Super Stainless (3rd shave)

After a couple of shaves with poor performing soaps it was a joy to come back to this. The tiny sample I originally scooped out produced a ton of quality lather for two passes and a lot of touch-ups. I simply sprinkled a few drops on the top and loaded with my badger brush for 30 seconds. Slickness between passes was decidedly average but I didn’t pick up any nicks or irritation, though the blade did tug throughout. The extra lather allowed me to spend time getting rid of the patches and so I finished nice and smooth. Several areas were BBS and much of the rest was close. I was accompanied by that sweet, dense smell throughout. Great post shave feel. Another great shave.

Used with: Perma-Sharp Super (1st shave)

I opted for my boar brush this time, still loading off that same tiny scoop I started with. 30 seconds of loading produced plenty of lather for two passes and my usual set of touch-ups (which is turning into more of a third pass). No nicks or irritation. The blade felt fine, but did seem to scrape a bit more than some. I was left with several patches, especially on my neck. Nothing too serious, but it definitely wasn’t perfect. The rest of my face was smooth though, with much of it BBS or close to it. I wasn’t as taken with the scent this time. Still a good shave though.

Used with: Lord Platinum Class (4th shave)

There was very little left in my jar, so I opted for my boar to scoop it all out and it did just that. Plenty of lather from such a small amount, more than enough for two passes and a ton of touch ups (as has become my norm). The blade felt fine but I did pick up a couple of nicks, nothing serious. Nice slickness. I had a few patches on my neck, but above the jawline was practically perfection. Plenty of BBS smoothness and the post shave feel was wonderful. A great shave.


I take so long testing a product so I have a chance to average out any ups and downs due to factors like blades or time taken. It didn’t seem to matter what I did with this soap, it always performed well (although I was going through many of my better-ranked blades). Even more impressive is the tiny amount of soap I used to do it. I haven’t used Old Spice, so can’t speak to the accuracy, but the scent is pleasant, quite masculine, but with a complex mix that’s vaguely reminiscent of cola. No issues recommending this.

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product courtesy of Wickham.

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Last updated: March 14, 2015