Connaught Shaving

Super-Max Stainless

Super-Max Stainless Blades

Another Indian blade, from a company that is (apparently) the second largest manufacturer of them in the world.

Gillette Silver Blue blades

Gillette Silver Blue Blades

Gillette are obviously a big name in shaving, but are still players in the safety razor market too.

Super-Max Super Platinum

Super-Max Super Platinum Blades

It says “World Renowned” on the box, but I’d not heard of the brand before. They’re made in India.

Personna Super 'Med Prep'

Personna Super ‘Med Prep’ Blades

Another of the Personna family, and from the Super range. How will they compare?

Personna Super Lab Blues

Personna Super ‘Lab Blue’ Blade

Another Personna product, the ‘Lab Blue’ ¬†(supposedly because it’s sold for laboratory use) has a good rep.

Bolzano Superinox

Bolzano Superinox Blades

An Italian brand, but made in Germany. The perfect blend of flair and engineering?

Shark Super Chrome

Shark Super Chrome Blades

Another blade from the Shark brand, distinct if not well-known.

Gillette 7 o'clock Super Stainless

Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Blades

Another of the extensive 7 O’Clock range from Gillette. Are they all the same, just in different packets? Doesn’t look like it.